Why doesn't Walmart stop selling guns

After the massacre at a high school in Florida, US retail giant Walmart raised the minimum age to buy firearms to 21 years. The company announced on Wednesday evening (local time). "In light of recent events, we took the opportunity to review our rules on the sale of firearms."

The new age limit for the purchase of firearms and ammunition should come into force as soon as possible and also for online sales. Toy guns and airsoft guns, which are similar to assault rifles, would also be removed from the website. Selling semi-automatic weapons such as the rifle AR-15, with which the assassin shot his victims two weeks ago, the company had already terminated in 2015.

Before Walmart, the US sports chain Dick's Sporting Goods announced that it would stop selling assault rifles and large magazines. In addition, no more firearms should be sold to people under the age of 21, regardless of the laws of the respective state. The fact that the 19-year-old Florida offender bought one of his guns in a Dick's store in November led to this decision - even if that gun was not the murder weapon, said company boss Edward Stack.

More deaths from firearms than in any other developed country

In the Parkland massacre a good two weeks ago, an ex-student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida shot 14 young people and three adults. Gun laws in the United States are regulated differently depending on the state. In some states, hunting rifles can already be purchased by 18-year-olds.

Thousands of people die from firearms in the United States every year, far more than any other developed country in the world. The Republicans in particular defend access to firearms with reference to the constitutional right to self-defense.