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If you are looking to turn your love affair into marriage there will be obstacles in your path, but Saturn is in its own sign and these things will improve over time. There might be a secret competitor, but don't worry - Saturn will make you a winner if you keep calm and calm, that is, maintain Saturnian qualities. You should maximally care about the health of your spouse, because Saturn as 6.

With a father, mother or sibling, there will be some complex situations in their own life that will lead to worry in this regard. You may meet a family member that you have not seen in a long time and it will work out warmly and well for you.

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Saturn is ruler of the 6th house, which is a difficult house, and at the same time rulership of the 7th house, which for you is a Maraka house. This means that you should take care of your health, but Saturn's position in the 6th house is generally a very good one and he is also in his own house. Therefore, should you be in a good Dasha, you will have very strong health which will gradually develop in this transit.

You may have some physical handicap changes in the middle of the year due to the 8th house aspect, so drive slowly and watch your health check-ups. For the Virgo Ascendant, Saturn is master of the 5th house and is considered a benevolent planet unless it is saddened or weak in the subcharts.

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Saturn basically rules over the following topics for Virgo ascendants :. From January Saturn will be in the 5th

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Go home and consider the 7th partnership, home, family and prosperity. So let's look at how each area of ​​the Virgo ascendant is affected by this Saturn transit in the Capricorn sign. The presence of Saturn in the 5th house leads to a direct aspect of the If you are waiting for a promotion or raise, then this year transit will help you.

Current issues in the workplace will change. Because of this house aspect, it can be important for you to stabilize your profits and encourage them to save.

Departments may also be merged, but while this may be difficult for you at first, it will gradually do you good. An opportunity will suddenly come your way and you will find new ways to make money and people will appreciate your efforts. There is an opportunity to get credit to expand your work, which will lead to good results in the future.

Overall, it will be a good transit that will advance your career and actions that will be taken to win in, and lead to. If you are studying, it could mean that Saturn now draws your attention to take your studies seriously and finally to work on your studies in a disciplined manner.

The beginning of the transit in particular brings difficulties in the course of study. The direct Saturn aspect of your house says it all: there will be an increase in cash flow and, most importantly, you will now be able to save money. There will be a profit increase or a raise in salary that will give you good times, where you can afford things and maybe even go on vacation with friends or family.

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Unmarried Virgo ascendants need to be careful and patient in finding a spouse. If you are already married then this transit of Saturn in Capricorn will cause some problems with your spouse, and if you have a combination of marital disharmony in the chart, then stay mindful in the relationship. Because Saturn is in the 5th house, it will above all be about your relationships with your children.

It is here that you must take responsibility for your share in the difficulties they have with one another. It becomes especially problematic with a child that needs all your attention, calm and serenity. Certainly it is troubling when you argue with the children, but if you understand Saturn, who wants you to urgently stabilize your relationship with your children, then he will show you where you have to take responsibility to ensure this relationship remains a good one even in the long term. Saturn does not give quick results, but results that are permanent.

There is also an indication of the birth of a child and after some difficulties it will go smoothly in the beginning, in the end you could be blessed with new family members. The relationship with the parents and siblings will remain good and I don't see any problems in this, although the mother should start to take care of her eating habits because it can cause some health problems for her.

Your health will remain fine during the Saturn transit, although the stomach looks fragile and you should really be careful what you eat.

During the Saturn retrograde in the year, there will be a situation where you might grapple with a bad stomach and you will be in a bad mood as a result. The rest depends on your horoscope and your ascendant condition, because a strong ascendant protects against difficulties.

You may feel like you have lost your creativity, but it is not. Saturn also slows these things down, but keep your calm because the melancholy in this area will subside and you will get very stable and practical results in this area. Saturn is the Lord of the 4th house and is a Yogakaraka planet for Libra ascendant. Saturn can bless them with good success and abundance, provided that he is well established and doing rajyoga in conjunction with other benefactors.

During the year, Saturn will go through her 4th house, predominantly dominating the home environment, vehicles, mother, peace of mind, family values, and luxuries in life. It's similar to a Sade Sati, only not quite as intense. Thus, this reading is much more intense for Libra moons. The areas are all shaken up a bit and then they calm down again. Saturn will aspect the 6th house during its transit in Capricorn, and that can really add to progress and success. Let's see in detail how the Libra ascendant will be affected by the Saturn transit in Capricorn.

As Saturn puts the house in the spotlight, this transit will have a direct impact on careers. Saturn's seat in the 4th house can lead to difficulties in reconciling family and career, and this can lead to conflicts and disputes on both fronts. You might be worried about your career or maybe thinking about retirement. But Saturn is in the 4th house in its own sign could mean that you decide entirely for your home and step down in terms of your career.

As you develop Saturnian qualities in this area, there will be an improvement in working conditions and the problems of the past will begin to go away. The relationship with supervisors will improve, your performance will improve, and you will be valued by supervisors and employees. Or it could mean moving your work into the home.

Horoscope: How to calculate your Vedic zodiac sign Closely related to it is the Vedic celestial circle, which is mainly practiced in India. When it comes to tricky tasks, they take the time to do it until they A Meena-Born often wanders mentally into other spheres. HomeHome · Free HoroscopesHoroscopes It does give astrological information about the birth of Rama in two places: Whatever the case, Vedic literature does not fundamentally reject any kind of astrology. Only in post-Christian times did the mathematical zodiac become possible in India.

You have benefited greatly from transit through Sagittarius over the past 2.5 years. Now this transit will require you to do more work for the same results. If you're waiting for a promotion or raise, chances are you'll get one for the year, provided you go through a supportive dasha.

This transit is very helpful if you are in banking, real estate, stock exchange, or are involved in furniture or real estate. The aspect of Saturn above your 1st house will make you wise and clear on money matters. You will be able to take full advantage of a supportive state and will be able to make profits from it. Due to the fact that Saturn in the 4th