Is a bloody steak healthy?

Bloody, medium or well done? One cooking level of meat is a health hazard

Do you like your flesh beautifully or do you prefer it bloody? Depending on how your answer turns out, it may change after reading our article: A certain cooking level can be dangerous for your health.

If you prefer your steak cooked through and through, we have bad news for you: This cooking method is dangerous to your health. We explain to you why a well-done steak can be worse than meat that is still slightly pink.

Meat cooked incorrectly

According to a Canadian institute for cancer research, high temperatures increase the development of chemicals that are carcinogenic. A substance that can be produced when the food is cooked through is also suspected of promoting dementia.

But that's not all: the study suspects that well-cooked meat increases the risk of allergies, diabetes and arthritis. So you should rethink your habits and prefer to eat bloody steaks. By the way, caution is also advised with chicken breast: In certain cases you should rather keep your hands off it.

Fear of roundworms is rather unfounded

Those who cook their meat properly may do so because they are afraid of ingesting trichinae, a type of roundworm, with their food. in the star However, nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm explains that this fear is unfounded:

The Trichinenschau is so strict in Germany - even with wild boars - that there is no longer any danger.

Should it happen to you that trichinae get lost in your body, there is really no reason to panic. The animals can lead to dizziness, abdominal pain and vomiting and can cause fever and edema when larvae are laid down, but the parasite infestation usually remains harmless.

If you still can't sleep peacefully at night, you can think twice about whether you want to become a vegetarian. One of the largest German meat processors even advises you to consume less meat.