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How can I slow down the frame rate of a Flash game?

I'm trying to play an Adobe Flash game on my browser. The only problem is that it's too fast for me. I know it would be a "cheat" but I would enjoy the game more if I could play it slower.

I've tried throttling the CPU but I don't think this approach is reliable.

How can I let my browser or the flash plugin play the game at a slower frame rate?


Instead of throttling the CPU, you can slow down flash games with Cheat Engine's Speed ​​hack - Function. In summary it can be said that Speed ​​hack the timing routines called by a game changes to the current time 1 to get .

  1. Open your favorite flash game in your browser.

  2. Start the cheat engine.

  3. click you at the top left on the button process Select, find the process that the Flash Player plug-in is running on (see note below) , and then click to open .

  4. Check the Activate Speedhack - Option on the right.

    If you have a I received an error message , you chose the wrong process!

  5. Change the speed from to another value and click you then on Take . In this case, you want the game to be slower, so make it smaller than. For example, the game would run slower, at normal speed.

  6. Return to your game. It should play at the new speed!

Note : I use trial and error to find the right process. However, if you have just opened the game, it will usually be the latest Flash Player or browser process at the bottom of the list.


1 Cheat Engine Internals: Speedhack

You can try lowering the voltage for your processor in the BIOS settings. This limits the resources somewhat. You can create a simple c ++ program that will fill all the memory and use 100% of the CPU time.

This is for the CPU usage:

Storage Information - Set up the Oracle Virtual Host. Install a system as a virtual machine and give it plenty of space. A couple of virtual machines from the fire. This is the simplest non-programmable method I can think of.

In particular, for slowing down Flash games, you can use: http://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php

I found the video with the instructions for using the Cheat Engine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W6L1iqGUR0

You may want to find a CPU throttling program. There are several, although the only one I've tried is winThrottle (and that was a while ago). The changes are made system-wide, not per program, but they can simply be toggled on and off if you want (no reboot required).

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