Who can be called a fan boy

Are you a fanboy 19 signs for 2021

Fanboy. It's a matter of personal identity. You have likely met fanboys on online forums. Damn you would have called yourself. Wikipedia defines fanboy as "a term ... that describes [someone] who is very engaged and prejudiced about a particular topic or hobby in a particular area." Fanboys often gather around certain computer or gaming platforms, certain games or comics, and even certain companies and their CEOs.

But how do you know for sure if you are a fanboy (or fangirl)? To answer that question, we asked PC World employees, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers about diagnostic signs of fanboyitis, and here we came up with that. If you have more than a few of these warning signs, then you know it.

Fanboy clothes and accessories

You know you are a fanboy / fangirl when ...

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... y

ou have tattoos depicting your favorite brand of tech or characters from a graphic novel. - Mark Sullivan, PC World

... They sleep in pajamas [] - Troy R. King (@pcrtech), on Twitter

... you went to a baseball game dressed up as one of your favorite Star Trek characters. --Nick Mediati, PC World

Fanboy behavior and habits

You know you're a fanboy / fangirl when ...

... everyone else is just wrong. Those idiots. - Alan Stafford, through our Facebook page

... you let counter arguments drop like a firewall packets. - Carl Tessier, on Facebook

... you made several joyrides. Infinite loop. - Ginny Mies, PC World

... you defend every app store rejection. - Blair Hanley Frank, Macworld

... you have experienced sexual arousal during new product demonstrations. - Mark Sullivan, PC World

... You spend more time (including hours of sleep) in your favorite gaming universe than in the universe of actual matter (and antimatter). - Steven Gray, PC World

... You check the Wikipedia page of your favorite product every few hours to make sure that no unfair, unfounded and deeply hurtful comments have been added to the entry and that they are now sitting there unchallenged. - Steven Gray, PC World

Fan boys in society

You know you're a fanboy / fangirl when ...

... you refuse to reply to anyone's emails from your friends or family until they switch to Gmail. - Ginny Mies, PC World

... you think it's not unusual to create a Facebook page for your iPhone. - Mark Sullivan, PC World

... You have little difficulty translating the terms "Linux distribution" or "pressure-sensitive touchpad" into "normal" conversation. - Mark Sullivan, PC World

Fanboy worldview and philosophy

You know you're a fanboy / fangirl when ...

Photo: Courtesy of Apple ... you can quote your favorite company's official press release like a preacher would quote the New Testament. - Ed Albro, PC World

... you can't get over the fact that a Mac user (like me) can get a job at a publication called PC World. - Nick Mediati, PC World

... any story from professional journalists who don't think you are totally "teh biased", "on the take" or "in the pocket of [insert your most unpopular company here]." - Darren Gladstone, PC World

... you fe El contempt not only for Mac and Windows users, but also for users of Linux distributions other than your own. - Steven Gray, PC World

... They believe that the world is forever divided into a force as embodied in Steve (Ballmer or Jobs) and a force for evil as embodied in Steve (Jobs or Ballmer). - Steven Gray, PC World

... you can't get over the fact that they're just computers. - David Murphy, PC World

There are of course many other options. If you know of any other signs of Fanboyhood, you can submit them at the following link or post them on the PC World Facebook page.