Which is the best NCC

find_ncc_modelT_find_ncc_modelFindNccModelfind_ncc_modelFindNccModelFindNccModel (operator)


- Search for the best matches of an NCC model in one image.



finds the best instances of the NCC model in the input image. The model must have been created or read in beforehand.

The position and rotation of the found instances of the model are returned in, and.

The coordinates and describe the position of the origin of the model in the search image. However, the values ​​have already been adjusted slightly so that they can be used directly to create a transformation matrix that is required for an alignment or the visualization of the model. This adjustment of the coordinates has to do with the way in which HALCON transforms iconic objects, see here. The example below shows how the transformation matrix is ​​generated and how to use it to calculate the exact coordinates.

Usually the origin of the model is the center of gravity of the region of the image that was used to generate the NCC model. Another origin can be specified with.

In addition, the evaluation of the instances found is returned. The evaluation is the normalized cross correlation between the pattern t (r, c) and the image i (r, c):

Here n denotes the number of points in the pattern, R the definition area (ROI) of the pattern, the mean gray value of the pattern