What is server hardening and it types


In the SERVER area, save the server addresses and select the connection mode to the SwyxRemote Connector under Advanced Settings.


The various server addresses depend on the settings or the option packages selected by your provider. If you do not have the relevant data, please contact your administrator.

This is how you store the server addresses of the internal and external servers

1 Select the More | menu item Settings.

2 Enter the SwyxServer address under Internal Server.

3 Enter the address of the SwyxRemoteConnector under External Server.

The SwyxRemoteConnector enables a connection to SwyxServer when you are outside your company network. The encryption takes place via TLS (Transport Layer Security). The certificates used are managed and provided by your administrator. Further information on creating a certificate can be found in the SwyxWare documentation for administrators.

Information on the connection mode of the SwyxRemoteConnector can be found under How to select the connection mode to the SwyxRemote Connector.


At least one server address must be entered.

This is how you select the connection mode to the SwyxRemote Connector

1 Select More | Settings.

2 Tap Advanced Settings.


To connect to SwyxServer via SwyxRemoteConnector, select one of the two options:


An attempt is automatically made to establish a direct connection to SwyxServer. If the connection fails, e.g. B. because you are out of range of your company network, you will be connected to SwyxServer via SwyxRemoteConnector.


The connection to SwyxServer is always made via SwyxRemote-Connector.

If a connection via SwyxRemoteConnector is not possible, no attempt is made to establish a connection via your company network.


If you get a "404" error when connecting to the server, a valid client certificate could be missing on your device. In this case, contact your administrator. He reassigns it to you or generates a new one.

Last modified date: 02/11/2021