What do you associate with Germany?

Young people between exclusion and integration

This article presents the results of an international study on the question, "What is typically German?" presents.

Germans are reliable, hardworking and have no sense of humor. At least that's what they think about themselves. But what do neighbors and visitors say about the residents of the Federal Republic?

Above all, the European neighbors consider the Germans to be well organized, accurate and slightly pedantic. This was the result of a study by GfK Marktforschung, in which around 12,000 citizens in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Turkey were interviewed.

Reliability, sociability and sociability are qualities that are often seen in Germans. Every fifth Dutchman describes the Germans as nice and friendly people, after all a fifth of the French emphasize the partnership with their European neighbors. In Russia, eight percent of people say they like Germans. However: Almost one in five Czechs thinks the Germans are arrogant, eight percent of Austrians spontaneously say that they don't like the Germans, and almost one in ten Italians still associate Germany with Hitler and the Nazis.

What is German?
However, it is above all the Germans themselves who tend to be exaggeratedly worried and, above all, to see their own weaknesses: Around seven percent of Germans answer the question "What is German?" That the Germans are pessimistic be and moan a lot. An assessment that is hardly shared at all in other European countries.

If you even leave the borders of Europe, something astonishing comes to light: The Americans consider Germans to be very permissive, the Chinese to be slow, and people from Costa Rica even find them open and very accessible. At least that's what exchange students from the Goethe-Institut said when they were asked about the Germans.

By the way: 10 percent of the Germans surveyed answered spontaneously to the question "What is German?" That this country is their home. A home that offers a lot of beautiful and lovable things.

* Information given by the respondents as a percentage of the following open question: "If you now just think about Germany and the Germans. What do you personally associate with Germany and the Germans, what do you think Germany and the Germans stand for?" - Source: GfK-N├╝rnberg e.V., May 2006

From: Angelika Sanktjohanser, What is typically German? In: Focus-online: http://www.focus.de/wissen/bildung/deutsch/stereotype_aid_21930.html (November 9, 2007)