What are the elements of film noir

Elements of film noir in the films "Blue Velvet" and "Lost Highway" by David Lynch

Master's thesis from 2005 in the Department of Media / Communication - Film and Television, grade: 1.0, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Institute for Theater and Media Studies), 56 sources in the bibliography, language: German, abstract: David Lynch is one of the most successful, but also one of the most controversial film directors of the last 20 years - and continues to this day. His name stands for the bizarre, the gloomy, the ambiguous and the difficult to read in his works, the audience and critics equally confused and fascinated. Lynch's works are not clearly legible, they provide insufficiently clear indications and offer too wide scope for interpretation. Because David Lynch loves playing with contrasts - the equal juxtaposition of opposites is a clear feature of his films, in which different worlds are allowed to collide. The director also makes use of the tried and tested: In Lynch's films, very different genres, genre set pieces and styles take place and are rich in contrasts but equally alongside one another. Style plurality is one, if not the hallmark, of David Lynch's films.

This plurality of styles is mentioned again and again in the specialist literature on Lynch. It is noticeable that his works are particularly and repeatedly associated with film noir, the corpus of (above all) US crime and detective films from the 1940s onwards, which displayed a new, cynical and pessimistic tone and defied the conventions of classic Hollywood films. Films that conveyed the flair of the 1940s and 50s, the years in which David Lynch (born 1946) passed his childhood. On closer inspection, two films from Lynch's oeuvre catch the eye, which are most often associated with the "rating" film noir: "Blue Velvet &

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