Why is my friend extremely quiet

My husband is so quiet during SEX

Phonetics alone doesn't do it!
a decade and a half of sex with my partner at the time was very intense, very varied - but "talking" bothered her, sounds bothered her! the "quiet" was an indispensable part of the (then) ecstasy.

almost a decade with my current partner embodies the contrary. After the "appetizers" of our multi-course "menu" we live our sexuality with gentleness, forcefully, with phases of gliding and thrusting, accompanied by expressions of tenderness and love as well as with animal verbs.

if the extase has rocked up and now turn it "around" (woman on knees, legs slightly spread ...), I grab it from behind! I push my cock (alternately) powerfully and gently sliding into the pussy, the cock swells up again ... and gives me the feeling of having penetrated up to the larynx ...!

she: .... ohhhh, that's very strong, how do you do it, always (for years) this power, so much power, so crazy, madness, my god, is that beautiful ... and so strong ... etc ...

I: .... (pushing) what would you like, I want to fulfill your most secret wishes, faster? slower? .... more one way or another ....?

she: ... (horny cock) yes, yes, just like you do it now and always, I'm going crazy with your changing rhythms, so unpredictable, spontaneous, do it exactly as always, like now, exactly soooo, yeahaaaa, exactly soooo ...!

I: .... (extremely excited) pull her ultra-hot buttocks all the way into my buttocks, she "pushes" because she wants to completely absorb me, I push my cock all the way in (and out), stop unannounced (glowing up). ..!) to push on / slide on again, I pull the buttocks apart a bit, want to lick the rosette (but not possible), gently pull the labia apart a little, etc ...,

she: ... crazy, I'm going crazy, am I still alive? do I have a cardiac arrest? Madness, this experience, we keep it to ourselves forever, I want to fuck every day, crazy, horny, madness ...,

I / she: ... the breath, the tone, the resonance of the tone are so excitingly crazy, awesome to beyond madness ...,

I: ... I love you, I love to fuck you soooo, every time, although every day ..., such a crazy feeling, far beyond ..., I think you are soooo horny, you are a pearl of a person, me could push / push you up to the sky, I just like to fuck you soooo gladly and I like it so crazy that you are always soooo horny on my cock ... should I take "it" out - to you from the front / oden to pack ...? now!?

she: ... no, no, no, are you insane, now ..., no, no, stay, do like now, do like always (trembles his lips) ... but I'll "come" soon and very strong, crazy, very strong ...,

I: ... wait a little longer (we pause for a few seconds), are the wild horses already coming across the wide prairie ...? are you galloping? you can already hear them neighing, these strong arab horses ,,,? wait a little, a little, just a little ...!

she: ... i can nimma wait, i like 'nimma wait, the horses, the prairie, the tail, the feeling, the arabs (horses), i hear them gallop, big, strong, black, powerful, i like' nimma wait (lips trembling) ...., you are amazing, how do you do that - i have never experienced anything like this in my whole life ..., soooo cool and soooo beautiful, i'm already on the "way" .... ,

me: ... wait a few seconds, ... I'm already on my way ... irreversible, there is no turning back ...,

she + me: ... it continues to rock up, both bodies have already given the signal to "come", "time" gets a completely different definition than during the day with the clock (has nothing to do with it), like a target photo how we experience the coronation like a photo finish - although everything together resembles a single coronation ....,

the two volcanoes erupt, the vital vaginal muscles that clasp the tail relax, let you feel something like a walking motion, the semen spurts with full force and power through the tail, through the glans - directly into the pussy ... ! time? What is it?

like after the finish line in skiing, there is a "swing down" - and we have to take a lot back so as not to start something new right away ...! the cock remains in the pussy until it slowly relaxes.

scream sounds? breath? vibration ?: a mixture of everything, less "screaming", rather a vocal rhythm synchronized with the vibrating body, smug, crazy turning on, hoarse, trembling, expectant, crazy ...!

I'm already curious whether my own or common "dying process" will one day embody an increase in these experiences? that must be even crazier then, I think !? because sometimes (especially at the beginning of the relationship) we both often had the feeling of "living through" a cardiac arrest or a feeling as if the roof of the skull was "open" and open at the top ...!

when you experience such sensations - the WHOLE of life is relativized, suddenly a lot of things no longer matter what you swore yesterday, the expectations of something are redefined or even become obsolete, although you previously believed that this and that would be indispensable .. .!

did you understand me (my dialect)? greeting - trenti.

I like it