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EMS - Autobahn you Media: Music, Videos, eBooks, Audiobooks

Our mission
Your fast lane on the Media Autobahn

Autobahn your media

Fast, efficient and focused on the goal. With us as your digital logistics partner, you can send your audio, video, audiobook and eBook content all around the world. We've got the right technology, the right expertise and the right know-how for your business. With over 100 associated trade partners, we ensure that every product ends up at your specific contractual partner. Our quality is industry-recognized, which is why Spotify recommends EMS as delivery platform and Apple lists us an encoding house.

Smart tech by smart people

Finding the best solution for you is what we do. We listen to our customers ’needs, and enjoy developing new projects in collaboration with our partners. We rely on expertise from our 20 years of creating digital service solutions for the media industry, which means our experts can meet almost any technical or logistical challenge.

Taylor-made solutions

Every medium requires its own process chain, just like every genre calls for its own framework. Whether it's music, video, audiobook or eBooks - we adjust to the speed of the different lanes on the Autobahn, to provide you with an offer perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Our service
Full speed for your needs

Digital media logistics

You have the content - we deliver it! Regardless of the format, we take it safely to the streaming platforms, download shops and mobile providers all over the world. We can handle any individual specification. The instruments in your toolbox help you to retain full control over each step within the process chain.

The process chain

Digital media logistics

The process chain

You send us your audio, video, audio book and / or e-book content via FTP. From here, they're directly transferred to the Encoding Management System, where they'll be readied for delivery to your contractual partners. Lightspeed might be beyond us (for now), but we'll usually get the job done within one working day.

Quality inspection

Your data is important to you, and that's why we take the utmost care of it. Once in the system, all data must pass various quality control mechanisms; starting with the first comparison of the delivered metadata with the associated audio and video content, to the final soundcheck and clearance through the Wavealyzer, our very own digital stethoscope. Without our internal EMS seal of approval, no product leaves the system.


Your media data is stored in our in-house data center. All the important elements that allow for a smooth process have been designed with fallback redundancy in mind. Our Autobahn is constantly on the move, and online 24/7, so we maintain round-the-clock access to the entire technical infrastructure at all times . It's only when we see that little “green light” with our own eyes that we put our minds at ease. By the way, green is also the color of our power - our services use sustainable electricity.


Our system is able to create any required media format, availing transcoded contents for later deliveries. With the MMP you can save designated usage / s individually per destination, from product to track level, and adjust according to your needs at any given time. Changes to requirement profiles are just as much a part of our customer service as adding new features. We constantly keep developing the system onwards, so that your offer is still up-to-date tomorrow.


Our Autobahn not only features multiple lanes, but is also globally connected. The EMS forms a network with over 100 trading partners around the world. Your products leave us via the fast lane (aka fiber optic cable), and zoom directly to their destinations. Unlike the real-life Autobahn, ours is free of traffic jams when it comes to your data, no matter how many products run through our system. Delivering things in time is just what we do.


Of course, we keep track of the traffic on our Autobahn. Our MMP allows you to keep track of the sales figures of your music and audiobook products. You have access to your daily and monthly figures, updated in real time with all incoming data. Multiple display options give you a quick overview, with customizable analysis graphics that let you take a closer look. And of course, exporting our data lists is simple and stress-free.

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