Why are Fox News headlines funny

TV glitch: Fox News exposes itself with graphics

Anyone who believes in the vernacular knows that drunks and children are telling the truth. As of last weekend, this list could be expanded to include a group: Fox News graphic designers.

It happened on Sunday on the show #MediaBuzz - a media criticism show that the conservative US news channel has been broadcasting for almost five years. Host Howard Kurtz discussed a poll conducted by Monmouth University on fake news in the media with a pollster. Then suddenly a graphic appeared with a different content - namely with answers to the question of which medium the respondents trust most. And this result was not very flattering for Fox, because the Trump-affiliated broadcaster is apparently anything but trustworthy, according to the respondents. Kurtz noticed the mistake promptly. That is not the right graphic. "Wait, please take this down," he said.

This faux pas, funny as it was to many watchers, reflects the problems Fox News has struggled with over the past few months. For example, the station had to part with Bill O'Reilly after employees and female guests accused the famous presenter of sexual harassment. And the proximity to Trump does not only bring advantages to the channel. For years, Fox News stylized the US president as a moral authority, writes Adrian Daub on ZEIT ONLINE. However, Trump is not only a grateful feeder, but above all a serviceable consumer of disinformation.

Later on in the show, Fox News showed the graphic again. However, it did not go into its own assessment, but rather that viewers trust television more than US President Trump.

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