Will wireless charging damage my battery

Does wireless charging damage batteries? Notes on wireless charging

Wireless charging is now standard on almost all flagships. The feature has proven its usefulness in everyday life and is enjoying increasing popularity. But what about possible risks? Can wireless charging damage the battery? We clarify.

Whether Apple, Samsung or Huawei, every smartphone manufacturer released at least one premium cell phone in 2019 that can handle the popular wireless charging. With this feature, you can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly at Qi charging stations. This not only protects the hardware, since the daily plug-in-plug-out is no longer necessary, but is also practical because you don't always have to have a suitable charging cable with you. There are now permanently installed Qi charging stations in many public places, such as airports, hotels, restaurants or fast food chains, where you can charge your smartphone.

Does wireless charging damage the smartphone battery?

Like every new feature, many users are very cautious about wireless charging. After all, it could damage the cell phone battery, right? For example, ZDNet editor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes caused a stir at the beginning of 2018 when he claimed that simultaneous charging and discharging with wireless charging significantly reduced the life of the battery. However, there is no evidence for this statement. In fact, to date there has not been a single case that has proven wireless charging to be defective. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the basic things with wireless charging as well as charging by cable in order not to unnecessarily burden your smartphone and thus to shorten the charging capacity or even the general service life.

Wireless charging without problems - this is how you save your battery

Just because you no longer plug your smartphone into a wall socket to charge it doesn't mean that things have fundamentally changed. Even with wireless charging, you shouldn't keep your smartphone unnecessarily on the charging station and fully charge it. So that the electrolyte in the battery does not wear out too quickly, you should ensure that the charge level seldom falls below 20 percent or recharges above 80 percent. The lowest load is when the charge level is between 45 and 55 percent. If you try to stick to it, your smartphone battery will last a long time.