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Lyrics app: The 3 best free lyrics apps in the test

With a lyrics app you can read along and sing the lyrics of your favorite songs. If you play a song for the application, it automatically searches for the text. We'll show you the three best free lyrics apps for Android and iOS.

As a music lover, you know that sometimes it is not enough to just clumsily hum melodies. If you really like a song, you also want to know the lyrics to it. Lyrics apps help you find the lyrics in no time. Thanks to the music recognition, you only need to play the song briefly to the application and the complete text and, if necessary, even a translation is displayed.

Musixmatch: The comprehensive one

Musixmatch is by its own account the lyrics app with the largest lyrics catalog in the world. To find the text of a certain song, you either enter the title by hand in the search or play the song out loud and press on Identifyso that the application searches by itself. If you link the lyrics app to your Spotify, Google Play Music or YouTube account, via FloatingLyrics the right text for the song you are listening to is always delivered directly. You don't have to switch back and forth between the apps to do this Musixmatch conveniently displays the lyrics in a small pop-up window.

Musixmatch is a simple and at the same time comprehensive lyrics app. Not only can you search for lyrics here, but you can also add lyrics yourself and translate them into foreign languages. The database is constantly growing and, with the help of the translations, offers the possibility of better understanding the meaning of certain texts. In addition to the lyrics, there is also interesting background information on the creation and artist statements for some of the songs. Musixmatch is available for free, but not ad-free, for Android and iOS.

  • numerous lyrics
  • Translations
  • Connection to Spotify, YT-Music and Co.

The free lyrics app Musixmatch:

SoundHound: The simple

SoundHound is a clearly structured lyrics app with which you can quickly find the lyrics for your favorite songs. Under search You enter the title and artist or you play the song for the music recognition so that it searches for you automatically. in the Lyrics Menu you can find all the lyrics you have saved so that you do not have to enter them again. If you've forgotten to mark a song text as a favorite, you can still find it quickly using the course again.

The Lyrics app SoundHound is available for free, but not ad-free, for Android and iOS. It is very clearly structured so that you can use it without having to think twice about it. With the help of Real-time lyrics the text will be displayed so that you can sing along with the songs if necessary. Sync your Spotify account with SoundHoundto link found lyrics directly to your playlists. So while you are listening to music, you can read the lyrics directly without looking.

  • easy handling
  • large database
  • Spotify shortcut
  • annoying advertising
  • no translations

The free lyrics app SoundHound:

Genius: The informative

The lyrics app genius not only provides you with lyrics, but also with news from the music industry. On the homepage you will find articles, pop charts and videos from the in-house YouTube channel. To find lyrics, all you have to do is tap on the magnifying glass and enter a title or press the wave symbol at the bottom of the screen, and the currently playing song is automatically identified. Next to the lyrics shows you genius also provides interesting background information about the artists, the individual albums and the history of the tracks.

The Lyrics app genius is currently only available in English. The application is available free of charge and free of advertising for Android and iOS. The constantly growing database already contains around 1.7 million song texts, so you are guaranteed to find the right one. The structure of the app is comparatively complex, so you should take your time.

  • News articles
  • 1.7 million songs in the database
  • ad-free and free of charge
  • a bit confusing
  • in English
  • no translations

The free lyrics app Genius:

Conclusion - our test result

Regardless of whether Musixmatch, SoundHound or genius, our test has shown that you can reliably find lyrics with all lyrics apps. Musixmatch However, according to its own information, it offers the largest database and, thanks to the hard-working community, also provides many translations of the songs. SoundHound has a much simpler structure, which is very pleasant if you just want to quickly read the lyrics to a certain song. genius is completely in English, but free of advertising and also offers news articles and videos that keep you up to date on everything in the pop industry.