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Youtuber couple flies with a private jet - to the new holiday home: fans take it easy

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Julian and Bibi Claßen flew with their children in a private jet to Spain - for a new, opulent house. Image: Screenshot / Instagram / julienco_

Youtuber couple flies to Spain by private jet - and goes one better

The Youtuber Bianca Claßen, who is better known by her social media name BibisBeautyPalace, has made a confession to her followers - and once again this well-kept secret shows how richly she is through her YouTube videos and her own Shower foam company has brought. Nevertheless, the response of the network community to the latest video from Cologne could have been more drastic and more envious.

Because last year, a video of her house tour, in which Bibi and her husband Julian lead through their multi-storey villa, caused a lot of fuss. Among other things, tons of closets and a very impersonal facility caused ridicule and malice.

After all, some fans worried at the sight of the house that Bibi and Julian might soon be able to shut down their YouTube channels because they seem to have been worried for a long time. However, they took this fear away from their followers in their podcast "That's yes class (n)".

Now, however, the two posted a photo of themselves and their children on Instagram, on which the four are traveling in a private jet. Are the Claßens among the next influencers who, like Paola Maria, Fiona Erdmann or Sarah and Dominic Harrison, will emigrate to Dubai or take the opportunity for a spontaneous short vacation despite the pandemic?

Bibi and Julian Claßen have bought a new property

In their new YouTube video, Bianca and Julian can reassure their fans about this: You have "only" bought a holiday home - and not in the Arab tax haven, but in the middle of the EU, namely in Spain. In the clip they reveal that they have wanted this for a long time and have been tackling the project for around a year:

"We have actually had the idea of ​​having a holiday home for a long time. We have traveled around so much in the last few years and had the opportunity to see so much of the world that we actually always when we were somewhere, where we liked it, say: 'Imagine if we had a holiday home here now.' "

Especially with the children, the time is now perfect to buy such a holiday home - by the way, the choice fell on Spain because they have been there very often and know and like the local culture. From now on, the audience should have the opportunity to continue to accompany the two of them building the house, because the property is far from finished. The big shell is already there, as can be seen in Bibi's Instagram story.

They also rave about the fact that it will be a house for vacationing with the whole family. It will be completed this year: "We have decided on more guest rooms so that we can vacation with the whole family there," says Julian. Bibi adds: "The whole house is designed so that we are never alone, but can always invite friends and family."

Bibi Claßen shows herself on the construction site of her new holiday property. Image: Screenshot / Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

Bibi didn't have to travel to sightseeing herself

Finally, they also emphasize: "And I would definitely say that our house [in Germany] still tops." But Bibi and Julian have never been to the exact place where the house is halfway. After all, there was staff for this:

"For a while, we hired a person whose job it was to fly to Spain for us, look at houses and call face-time. Because with our work on the side and with two children, we just couldn't go there every week."

The fans stay calm

In some of the comments you can read a bit of resentment in addition to admiration: "This is just the next level of wealth", a user notes, for example. Nevertheless, the criticism for the luxurious trip to the construction site of the soon-to-be opulent dwelling in the pandemic is surprisingly limited. Rather, the commentators note:

"And I thought that it would be the next emigration to Dubai. But nice that you can fulfill your dream."

The network stars who emigrated in the middle of the pandemic or who took every opportunity to go on vacation in the past few weeks were regularly criticized by Oliver Pocher, among others, in his "screen control". But there have also been headwinds from other Youtubers for many a life path that necessarily led abroad during the crisis.

The example of Bibi and Julian now shows that not all Youtubers travel abroad during the pandemic are condemned per se - It probably also depends on how, where and for what reason influencers travel. And finally on how benevolent the fans are towards them.


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