Where do you see yourself in 2050

The competitionline eat city gingerbread competition 2018/19

You wake up - a new year has started. It's January 1st, 2050. How and where do you see yourself this New Year's morning? How do you live? How will you live, work, travel, be mobile, communicate? Take part in the eat city gingerbread competition and bake your future vision!

The task

Put on the baker's hat, take the kitchen in and design your city, your surroundings or your house of the future in 2050 with edible materials. Inspire the jury with photos and texts of your freshly baked future vision. Whether cake, tart, pudding or casserole. Anything tasty and funny is allowed.

  • Create your vision of the future for 2050 from edible ingredients
  • Add an extra large spoonful of humor
  • Give your vision of the future a meaningful name
  • Describe it in a short humorous text (max. 1,500 characters)
  • Submit the photos of your future vision with the text online
  • Please name all contributors so that they are named in the presentation of the results. Please indicate the age of participating children

Who can take part?

Anyone interested in architecture, architects, landscape architects, town planners, engineers, designers, artists, students and other creative minds can take part - alone or with colleagues, together with children, friends and all gingerbread bakers. So that children have a fair chance of winning, their work up to the age of 14 will be awarded a separate prize in the “Little Star Architects” category.

And what’s there to win?

Cash prizes worth 6,000 EUR. All children under the age of 14 are guaranteed to win a small prize.

Submission deadline: January 7th, 2019

(The results will be announced in late January 2019.)

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