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The 5 best channels for exercising

Even at home in your own four walls you can be active and keep fit. We have selected inspiring and motivating YouTube channels for your home workouts:

🔩 The Body Coach TV

“The Body Coach TV” is all about HIIT training, that is, high-intensity interval training. Trainer Joe Wicks ensures that you get in shape in front of the screen at home and offers you videos of different lengths with different fitness levels. Everyone is guaranteed to find the right course! There is also a selection of cooking instructions and small extra videos, for example for strengthened abdominal muscles. Here you come to the YouTube channel.

🔩 Demanding workout with Pamela Reif

The German influencer Pamela Reif shows you on her YouTube channel how to get really fit. Pamela Reif has short and long workouts for beginners and advanced users. In her videos she shows you how to train your body intensively - and at home, without any equipment, but only with your own body weight. Here you can find Pamela Reif's videos.

🔩 Courses with FitnessBlender

On the YouTube fitness channel “FitnessBlender” you can choose from over 500 workouts! So you have a large selection of fitness videos that you are guaranteed to find. Daniel and Kelli Segars' channel already has around 5.6 million subscribers! This channel is particularly suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight. With over 500 videos, it is guaranteed not to be boring. And the offer is also updated every week! So put on your sports shoes, roll out the mat and go! Here you come to the canal.

🔩 Yoga with Mady Morrison

The certified yoga teacher Mady Morrison from Berlin wants to bring more mindfulness and serenity into your life! You can find tons of great yoga videos on their YouTube channel. With their videos you can achieve various goals, such as building muscle, losing weight or improving your balance. You can also challenge yourself and take part in a 30-day yoga challenge from Mady Morrison, for example. In addition to the tutorials, you will also find a lot of tips, morning routines and HIIT workouts - so you can expect a colorful mix! You can get Mady Morrison's videos here.

🔩 Flavio Simonetti

The mission of the fitness YouTuber Flavio Simonetti: to show rather thin men how they can get more muscular with training and the right diet. Flavio Simonetti himself once weighed 56 kilograms and would like to pass on his experiences to his followers. The YouTuber shares his knowledge of fitness and nutrition with his almost 250,000 subscribers. Here you come to enjoy sports with Flavio Simonetti.

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