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Cold war (earth)

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Cold War is the name of a time between the Second World War and the 1990s on earth. The time is marked by a latent conflict between the great powers USA and Soviet Union and their mutual distrust and massive armament.

After the end of the Second World War, the former allies, the USA and the Soviet Union, became enemies. Just two years later there is a deep enmity between the two powers and a mutual arms race with atomic bombs is taking place. Many atomic bomb tests also take place at this time. As a group of Vulcans stranded on earth in the 1950s, they realize that if they fail to peacefully end the Cold War, humans will self-destruct. (ENT:Carbon Creek)

The Cold War led to regional conflicts in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia, especially in Vietnam. These conflicts are known as "proxy wars". (TOS:The first war)

In 1947, Quark, Rom, Nog and Odo landed in an accident during this time, witnessed this conflict and were able to get back to their time through a nuclear weapon test. (DS9:Little green men)

In 1968 the earth is almost threatened by a real war between the Americans and the Soviets. Gary Seven, a descendant of humans abducted from Earth 5000 years ago, is sent to Earth. He gets the order to manipulate a missile equipped with a nuclear warhead. It is intended to show people how close humanity is to extermination by a nuclear war. When the missile takes off, it looks like it's going off course. The bomb threatens to fall on Asia and all nuclear powers are already arming their weapons. Gary Seven detonates the weapon 104 miles above the earth, warning humanity how close it is to a nuclear war. From this event the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Witness who traveled back in time to find out why the missile went off course and exploded. (TOS:A planet called earth)

During the Cold War there was also a race for the supremacy of space, so that space technology made great advances in a relatively short period of time. In 1957 the Soviets were able to send Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, into space, while in 1969 the Americans succeeded in bringing the first man to the moon. (ENT:Carbon Creek; VOY:11:59 p.m.)

In order to better collect information about enemies, both great powers train agents who are supposed to spy on and also sabotage the enemy. The Soviet Union trains its agents in replicated American cities so that they can later find their way around the USA. (DS9:Our man Bashir; VOY:In flesh and blood)

At the end of the 1980s, the first diplomatic negotiations between the USA and the Soviets began and the era of disarmament began. The Cold War with the Soviet Union ends around 1990. (VOY:Before the End of the Future, Part I.; ENT:Storm front, part II)

Julian Bashir from the holoromanJulian Bashir, secret agent is a secret agent of the British government during the Cold War. Even if Colonel Anastasia Komananov is on the other side, the two still have a relationship with each other. (DS9:Our man Bashir)

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  • Star Trek shows many parallels to the Cold War. In the series there is a cold war between the Federation (Americans) and the Klingons (Russians), see Federal-Klingon Cold War. There are also allusions to the "proxy wars". The consequence The first war is an allusion to the Vietnam War, in which the Americans and Russians supplied the people of Vietnam with weapons or supported them with troops in order to actually represent the interests of the great powers. The same applies to the planet Neural, a primitive planet, where the Klingons and the Federation deliver weapons to the population in order to actually represent the interests of the two great powers.
  • Towards the end of the Cold War there is a major disaster in Chernobyl. The nuclear reactor in a nuclear power plant explodes and the whole region is contaminated. At this time, peace talks between the Americans and the Russians also begin. At Star Trek The Klingon lunar practice explodes and peace negotiations between the Federation and the Klingons begin. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Land)

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