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What are newcomer bands working towards? Why all this rehearsing, songwriting and fiddling around? Of course for shows and your first own studio recordings! But what then? What do you do with the recorded songs? How do you get them out and inspire strangers with your music? Sure - giving away demo CDs would be an option, but of course you also put a lot of work and the entire band budget into the recordings.

So we talked to our partner TuneCore once and asked them how they can help you to release your songs and even earn money with them worldwide - without a record deal.

Question: Hey Stine, please introduce yourself!

Answer: Hi SPH team. I'm Stine Mühle and the Brand Manager for TuneCore Germany. TuneCore is a global distribution and publishing service that helps thousands of artists get their music heard and bought around the world

Question: To start with, a tricky question: How do you assess the current situation of newcomer bands and what role does TuneCore play in this?

answer: Especially nowadays, newcomers with services like the one from TuneCore have an ever better chance to present themselves to the market and to master the first steps of a music career. We give artists a chance to sell their music independently and worldwide. And it's affordable and fair. 100% of the income and rights remain with the artist.

Question: What exactly do artists have to do to be able to publish and sell songs online?

Answer: Selling with TuneCore is really very easy because we have kept the entire process as transparent and simple as possible! In just a few steps, artists, labels and managers can sell their music on over 150 streaming and download providers - such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and many more. All the artists have to do is set up a free account directly on the TuneCore website and then immediately plan their first release. Simply set the release date, upload songs and artwork and enter artist and song information. TuneCore takes care of the rest.

Question: What costs and profits must or can the artists expect?

Answer: A single at TuneCore costs only € 9.99 per year and an album € 29.99 in the first year and € 49.99 in each subsequent year. With TuneCore, 100% of the income belongs to the artist, which means you can earn money with us and your music with just a few sales. Basically, of course, the artists also have it in their own hands how much they sell and how much they can put into the band's treasury in the end. TuneCore offers you the perfect basis to draw attention to your music worldwide, to generate new fans and income.

Question: Why do you think bands and artists should choose TuneCore?

Answer: TuneCore not only supports artists with sales, but also offers services such as the monetization of YouTube sound recordings and also helps TuneCore Musikverlag to generate royalties worldwide. We believe that all artists should have the opportunity to distribute their music digitally - affordable and fair. With the help of TuneCore, you no longer need a record contract, but can easily and easily take the distribution into your own hands. Of course, the musicians always receive up-to-date reports from us about their sales and streaming numbers.

Question: In your opinion, what are the characteristics of the partnership between TuneCore and the SPH band contest? How do the SPH bands benefit from this partnership?

Answer: SPH and TuneCore speak the same language in my opinion. We want to encourage artists to take their careers into their own hands and shape them. Fairness is very important to us, which is why SPH is also an important partner for us. Through our partnership, all SPH participants also receive an additional discount on their online release - regardless of whether it is a single, EP or album.

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