Are there so many crocodiles in Florida

Crocodiles and alligators

There are also crocodiles and alligators in Florida

Many tourists still associate Florida with the fact that there are many there Crocodiles or. Alligators gives. Now you probably ask yourself whether there are any in Cape Coral. The holiday homes that can be rented look very tempting and most of them have a canal. Basically you have to say that you have to be very lucky there if you ever see a crocodile.

Don't get too close

But it can happen that an alligator got lost in the channel because they have less and less space to live. They then look for new ways. And that's why they are increasingly coming to residential areas. This has often happened in Cape Coral a crocodile is lingering in the pool and then you just call them Alligator Rescue at. These are special companies that specialize in the Catch crocodiles and then to put them back in another place where they feel comfortable.

Alligator Resuce

As a rule, such an operation is free of charge and if you see one in the canal then you call the city and tell them that you should get it out. In no case should you try this yourself because the companies have specialized in it and also have special equipment where to get the Catch alligators safely can. These are unpredictable for humans. And of course they feel threatened if you get too close to what you can imagine.

Beware of wetlands

In Florida usually lives the Mississippi alligator who belongs to the crocodiles. These stay in Freshwater rivers, canals, swamps and also Lakes on. If you really want to see some then you should go to the Everglades National Park drive where it also Alligator farms where there are shows and the little alligators are always very cute and they are not that dangerous. It is also a popular destination for families with children.

But there is also the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge wild crocodiles and these can already go across the street when you drive through there by car. When you are out and about in Florida you will often find signs indicating that this place is dangerous. You should always stick to it and not get too reckless. In the past there have always been incidents between humans and alligators. After all, you want to go on vacation to Cape Coral and not be bitten by a crocodile.

Take care of the children

When you are out and about, you should always take special care of the children. In unmarked swimming areas should be on do not swim under any circumstances walk. Alligators are particularly nocturnal animals and you shouldn't be out there anymore. Nor should you try that Feed crocodiles and do not throw any leftover food into the canal as this can then be attracted. If you stick to the rules then you won't have any problems on a Florida vacation.

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