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YouTube does not work: solutions for smartphones and PCs

You can find loads of entertaining clips on the YouTube video service. But what if YouTube doesn't work as usual? We will show you possible solutions for your smartphone and tablet as well as for the PC.

With almost two billion users, YouTube is still the world's most popular video platform. It always gets annoying when clips break off, pause or don't want to start at all while they are playing. This is not always due to a poor internet connection. So before you throw your device in the corner in frustration, you should try the following tips for smartphone and PC.

YouTube does not work: restart your smartphone or PC

Many problems can be solved by simply restarting your smartphone or computer. Depending on which model you have, you have to proceed differently to restart the smartphone: With an Android phone, in most cases the route is via the power button. With a newer iPhone, press one of the volume buttons and the side button at the same time to restart.

You restart a Windows PC by clicking on the Windows symbol at the bottom left, then the power button and finally on “Restart”. On a Mac, click the apple icon in the top left and select "Restart".

Another possible solution: clear the cache of the YouTube app

Sometimes residues in the YouTube app's cache are also causing the problems. To clear the cache and get the app running again, do the following:

  • On Android: Call under "Settings | Apps ”the YouTube app. The menu item “Storage” is usually located here. Tap on it and select "Clear Cache". After that, restart YouTube and see if the problem is resolved.
  • On PC / Mac: Manually clear the browser's cache through the settings. Or use a cleaning program like the CCleaner that clears the cache for you.
  • On iOS: You cannot manually clear the YouTube app cache on an iPhone or iPad.

On Android, you can clear YouTube's cache via the settings. - Picture:Own creation

Another source of error: the internet connection

YouTube normally loads your video a little "in advance" in the background. The page stores seconds or minutes that you have not yet seen in the device memory. This prevents the playback from getting stuck or stopping altogether. Nevertheless, there may be interruptions in playback, especially when switching between a WLAN and cellular connection.

In the event of connection problems, first check whether everything is OK with the WLAN and / or the mobile data network: Try to call up any other website in your browser. If the website does not load or takes very slowly to load, your internet connection is likely the problem. If you are using the WLAN, restarting the router may help. If you are using a mobile data connection, switch mobile data on your smartphone or tablet off briefly and then on again. Sometimes this helps to re-establish a reliable connection.

Otherwise, you may be able to solve the connection problem by resetting the network settings on the mobile phone. On an Android smartphone, you will find the option under "Settings | General | Reset | Reset network settings ”. On the iPhone you can reset it under "Settings | General | Reset | Network settings ”. Remember that you will have to set up the WiFi connection from scratch afterwards.

If other websites open normally in the browser, it is not because of the internet connection that YouTube is not working. Maybe the Google server just went down. You can check that under “allestören.de”. If the website lists problems with YouTube there, all you can do is wait until the Google server is online again.

Is the YouTube app up to date?

The YouTube app on your smartphone may be out of date. To see if you can update the application, go to the Google Play Store on Android and tap on “My Apps and Games”. Download and install the update, if available. The same applies to YouTube on the iPhone: Check the App Store to see if there is an update available for the application and install it if necessary.

Additional tip: It may also help to start the YouTube app under “Settings | Apps ”must be completely uninstalled from the smartphone and then downloaded again.

On the computer: Sometimes browser extensions are to blame

Another possible source of errors on PC and Mac are browser extensions. First switch your browser to incognito mode. If the video service works now, then one of your extensions is to blame for the problems with YouTube. In this case, we recommend that you deactivate all extensions one after the other and then go to YouTube. As soon as the site works again, you have found the culprit browser extension.

The short version: Solving problems with YouTube

  • If YouTube does not work or has dropouts, it can have various causes.
  • In many cases, restarting the device on which you are using YouTube will help.
  • Check whether everything is OK with your WiFi or cellular connection.
  • Otherwise, clear the YouTube app's cache or reinstall the application to resolve the issues.
  • Make sure that you always have the latest version of the app installed on your smartphone.
  • On the PC, browser extensions can also be responsible for the fact that YouTube no longer works.

How did you solve the problems playing YouTube videos? Do you know any other tips that can get the video app working again? Our readers are sure to be happy about your insider tip via the comment function.

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