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Ombudsman case: Incomplete information

A complaint was received against a “Tagesschau” report on the impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump. The editorial team made an inaccuracy, which is why ombudsman Roger Blum supports the complaint.

On Thursday, December 5, 2019, the «Tagesschau» reported on Nancy Pelosi, the spokeswoman for the House of Representatives. She called on the Justice Committee of the House of Representatives to officially initiate the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Failure to mention the criticism

SRF falsely reported that an impeachment against President Donald Trump was undisputed. It was not mentioned that there was a hearing with four professors, one of whom was critical of the impeachment. SRF merely pointed out that the chances of success of an impeachment were doubtful. The complainant further assumes that “the television operators don't like Trump”.

Focus on Pelosi

In the statement of the “Tagesschau”, Franz Lustenberger, former deputy editor-in-chief, writes that the report reported in a balanced and fair manner on relevant daily news. The focus was on Pelosi's appearance. In this context, the editorial staff listed the allegations that the Democrats believe to justify the initiation of such proceedings. It was also pointed out that President Trump has always rejected the allegations.

Basically correct

Ombudsman Roger Blum also comes to the conclusion that the «Tagesschau» reported correctly. It was shown that the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives on December 5, 2019 had now initiated the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Convincing arguments

However, Blum criticized a sentence in the program that was incomplete and therefore incorrect: "Yesterday, the Justice Committee, at the invitation of the Democrats, questioned three law professors who stated that there were clearly enough reasons for impeachment proceedings." This sentence gives the impression that all law professors surveyed were of the same opinion. Of the four interviewed, however, one considered the majority of the counts to have failed. His arguments convinced the judicial committee, which then deleted four of the six reasons. The suspicion of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress remained. The presentation of the “Tagesschau” was therefore distorted, concludes Blum.

In addition, Washington correspondent Peter Düggeli has misleadingly said that the House of Representatives could remove the president from office. However, it can only accuse him. The Senate decides on the impeachment. The audience was not adequately informed, which is why Roger Blum supports this complaint.

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