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Miyazaki is one of the most influential game directors of the past generation. But he doesn't peddle that. As the head of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne, he made sure that From Software is now one of the AAA developers. He achieved this by creating beautiful, but also difficult games that are incredibly rewarding. Games that remind us of how we sat in front of our Nintendo with the classics.

When we visited Tokyo for IGN First From Software, we spoke to Miyazaki in person. Our discussion centered on the roots of Bloodborne and the rising popularity of speed runs and streaming. The guru even told us which games he is particularly looking forward to in 2015. Sit back and relax: Here comes the icing.

About how Bloodborne came about

“To be precise, Sony approached us just as we were finishing Prepare to Die.” And what did Miyazaki Sony answer? "Why don't we talk about next-gen?"

It doesn't go that fast, of course: Miyazaki has dealt with the world of Bloodborne for a long time: "We were constantly brooding over the concepts of the game mechanics or, for example, the Gothic theme. That was an area in which I always wanted to achieve something in my career. "

About his inspiration for the setting

The world of Bloodborne is filled to the brim with influences from our own history. From the aesthetics of Victorian London to the mass hysteria of the plague - it all feels familiar, but there is always something mysterious about it.

When I asked Miyazaki about his story with history, he replied, “The short answer is, I didn't have anything to do with history during my studies. Still, I've always been interested in how you can easily tell from my games. Just because I care and because the topics have played a significant role in human history doesn't mean that I am targeting or drawing inspiration from any particular element of it. If I specialize too much, I would become too entangled in the story or event. It's more or less a story-fiction hybrid. I consciously create light points of contact between setting and true story. "

About whether to read books first before playing video games

When you hear Miyazaki talk, you immediately notice his fondness for reading. “When I was a kid,” he explains, “I loved reading. I especially liked books that weren't really for my age. I've always tried to read difficult books. What happened then? That's why I was able to read the lines, but not completely put myself into the narrative situation. Maybe I understood half, my imagination just filled the other half. I also liked being able to guess at the empty places where I didn't understand. It went so far that I thought that I actually understood what I was reading through what I thought up. "
I proceed in a similar way with my works. In addition, I studied sociology and psychology and kept doing it after my training. The result are my games. "

His answer to the question of whether he also played video games as a child was surprising: “In my youth I wasn't allowed to play games at home until I went to university. I always hesitate on this question. One of my favorite board games was Sorcery, which I keep pulling out to this day. It's not a video game, but it's definitely one of the games that shaped me. ”Again, it is not so surprising that he is a fan of another board game:“ Dungeons and Dragons was very important to me. ”

About how the development on the PS3 shaped the PS4

Miyazaki started his career developing games for the PlayStation 3. Now, years later, he has brand new hardware available. We asked him about the leap in technology. “The PS3 was revolutionary in its day because it introduced network features and functionality. That explains why Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were designed with this in mind. The PS4 also features the share function, which will play a key role in Bloodborne thanks to ever greater networking, the possibilities of broadband networks and the sharing of experiences. "

Via speed runs and streaming

Under the visible layer of extraordinary difficulty and dark storytelling, the Souls community specializes in incredible speed runs and hour-long streams of games. And you know what? Miyazaki is a huge fan. Would he have imagined such a passionate community while developing the game? “I know very well how much the players like speed runs. I'm far from perfect and that's only roughly what I wanted or expected to achieve. I did not foresee this behavior. In small matters I like this kind of "fast interaction". This is also the core of my thinking or the philosophy of game design. "

Streaming an entire game on online services like Twitch has advantages and disadvantages: “Of course there are areas and parts of the story that I want to determine whether I want to let the player know or withhold. On the other hand, it is sometimes interesting, from my point of view or the team's point of view, how the players take it, how they get creative and how they want to play. I see it as a mixture of these two aspects, like, "I didn't think of that, but you approached it differently, interpreted it your way and found a way to enjoy Bloodborne."

About Bloodborne's connection to Demon's Souls

Aside from the shortcuts to Sony, the faster combat system, and a world that looks like the Nexus, Bloodborne certainly feels like a sequel to Demon's Souls. "Look at the history of my developments," said Miyazaki. “Bloodborne carries the Demon's Souls genome, especially the special level design. In Bloodborne, all of the above-ground maps are very special. "

That doesn't mean at all that there is nothing new in Bloodborne. The randomly generated dungeon is exactly what most Souls fans have hoped for from the level design mentioned above. Miyazaki explains, “There's an element of chance when it comes to Chalice Dungeon. There is, however, the option of saving the architecture so that you can always go on the hunt in the familiar environment. Bloodborne is based on the game experience of Demon's Souls. Nevertheless: We wanted to mix in a little variety with a new story. "

With a smile, he added, "Hopefully people will appreciate it and the fans will appreciate it."

About horror

What genre would Miyazaki Bloodborne fall into? We had a new surprise when we asked him if he was a big fan of horror: “I'm not a real fan of horror films or books. I generally like to read and don't have a favorite genre. But if I had to choose one, I would call it dark fantasy. I like to record things in text form and let my imagination run wild to move the story further. The combination of these is the core theme of the game. "

Will he ever adopt a friendlier, family-friendly tone in a game? "Funny, I get asked that question a lot," said Miyazaki and laughed. "My answer is always the same: Yes, I would like to create something colorful and heart-warming, but nobody believes me."

“Admittedly, dark and scary games like Bloodborne are my specialty. That's where I come from, those are my roots and that's where I will probably continue. However, I've always been interested in doing something kid-friendly, lively, and colorful. For example PoPoLoCrois on PS1, Ico on PS2 ... In my opinion, these games stand out from the crowd and I have therefore named them as examples of what I would like to discover when I have the chance. "

Fights are getting faster and faster

The first impression of Bloodborne is usually one of the more aggressive nature of the fighting. Miyazaki has two reasons for this: “I wanted to differentiate myself from the previous titles in the series and make 'Chase Your Nightmares' the theme. Because of that, and because of the huge challenges in the game, the increased speed and the proactive combat, I thought it was a good path for Bloodborne. I think that the players who love quick fights get a sense of accomplishment when they successfully fight these battles.

About how the hell the multiplayer part is supposed to work

Multiplayer has always been a mystery in Souls games. After the last few trailers that showed three players battling a single boss, some fans believed that this time around we could expect a more common multiplayer where you just join a friend's game.

But that's not the case, Miyzaki made clear. “You still have to go through the matchmaking process. But there is a workaround where you can share keywords or secret words with your friends. And of course you can use the Chalice Dungeons, where you can share each dungeon with a limited number of friends.

About its impact on gaming in general

Despite the monumental success of his games, Miyazaki is a quiet and humble creator. When asked how he feels about the fact that the Souls games have been one of the most influential titles in recent generations, he smiled and replied, “That makes me very humble and I'm grateful to be considered so influential in the industry in the first place. I think it's a bit of an exaggeration. I've been influenced by many games and I'm grateful and honored to be a part of the video game industry. ”After a moment of silence, he laughs and continues,“ I am often criticized for not answering this question well. ”

About where games will be in five years

“If I knew the answer to that question, I would tell you,” he says and laughs.

About the rise of virtual reality

At the moment it looks like there is no longer an event that cannot do without VR news, be it Oculus, Morpheus or a completely different idea. Miyazaki understands the appeal and says, “I have a feeling that these are influential technologies, that they are a game changer in and of themselves. Disregarding the business, from the point of view of a creator, I would like to be a part of this journey of discovery, this movement and the process. As an outsider, I hope it will prevail. As a creator, I want to be part of it. When I look back at how the PS1 and N64 came out, polygons were the next big thing and made 3D onscreen a reality. "

Miyazaki continues: “I'm very excited about the possibilities of Oculus and Morpheus, to discover a new phase, a new direction of innovation and how you can use them to convey content, especially game content. That is something that I find very exciting. "

About the game he's looking forward to the most in 2015

We ended our conversation with Miyazaki with a look to the future. When Bloodborne is out, which game is he most looking forward to?

“From the point of view of the games industry, I am particularly looking forward to E3 and especially to games from local developers, such as Metal Gear Solid V, which is something new with its open world. Or Zelda, open world again, but a completely new approach that they are taking. Those are perhaps the two most important titles I'm looking forward to. As a gamer, I'm excited to see Evolve, can't wait to get my hands on this. I've had a lot of fun with Left 4 Dead in the past and, if I have the time, I would love to explore Evolve too.

What's next?

But as much as he feels like sitting down and just playing for the rest of the year, that probably won't happen. He ends our conversation with a smile: "But realistically, when I finish this and have more time, I'll start again to create and develop something new, because that's still the most exciting."

We are excited.