Mobile marketing advice

What is mobile marketing?

Companies that adapt their online marketing measures to their target groups with the help of mobile marketing have certain advantages, since the respective mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet, is used to call up and use certain online services. Tried mobile marketingAddressing customers directly and to attract the attention of users in relevant phases of smartphone or tablet usage. The market for mobile devices is constantly growing. This creates a touchpoint with the customer that cannot address a specific target group, but the mass market.

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing that includes almost all sub-areas, such as content management, display advertising, email marketing, programmatic advertising and social media management, while still focusing on the new possibilities and technologies of smartphones and tablets are different. The basic requirement for mobile marketing is to set up the company's own website in such a way that it can also be used and visualized properly on mobile devices. On this basis, the mobile marketing team can place mobile ads or send SMS that can refer directly to the mobile product or company landing pages.

Especially in thatE-commerce area A company's own APP could also be useful, which users can download on their mobile devices. With the combination of mobile commerce and mobile payment services, customers no longer need a computer to purchase the products online. However, each company should decide for itself individually whether the implementation of an APP makes sense and whether the time and financial expenditure is worthwhile.