What is Flickr's sales

Flickr.com expands in seven countries: The largest online photo portal gets a German branch

Flickr is one of the most important companies in the so-called Web 2.0 - online services that live largely from contributions from their users. In the case of Flickr, according to the company, there are 8.5 million users worldwide who have now posted more than 525 million images. In the huge electronic photo album, whose users exchange, comment and rate their photos like in an international club, each photo can be tagged with keywords. Yahoo uses these keywords in turn to display advertising. This is how Flickr generates revenue.

So far, Germany has been one of the most important markets for Flickr - although the service was previously only available in English. After North America and Great Britain, the Germans are already the third largest user group on Flickr. With a stronger regionalization the growth of Flickr is to be fueled - whereby founder Stewart Butterfield thinks however, that the German market for Flickr is "with regard to its growth possibilities certainly limited".

Butterfield, who founded Flickr together with his wife Catherine Fake, sold his company to the Internet company just under a year and a half ago. The purchase price is said to have been between $ 30 million and $ 40 million. Yahoo and Butterfield are silent about the actual price - all they say is that they donated, bought a house and a mid-range hybrid car.

The regional expansion of the service, Butterfield believes, will fuel Flickr's growth. So far, the English user interface has not been a problem, users have gotten used to it. "On the other hand, the more inveterate Internet users tend to communicate in English," says Butterfield. In general: "Flickr is already very comfortable in English."

But not comfortable enough to appeal to the general public. There is still potential, says Butterfield, especially in Europe: "It's still too difficult for users to share Flickr with their local friends and families." That is why the local editions now come, and the studied philosopher. Butterfield is now "really excited to see how this goes in the next few months". In addition to the German version, Yahoo has set up additional Flickr variants in French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

At the same time, the Yahoo Photo service is shut down - because Flickr is the stronger brand: "Flickr is still a little bit crazy and special," says Butterfield. At the same time, Flickr is to get new functions. "Already now you can upload pictures, sort them and show them in a certain order in a slide show," says Butterfield, "but people cannot tell a real story yet, as if they were sitting together on the couch and looking at photos together - with the photos in their hands ". Butterfield wants to make this possible with a new "narrative architecture".

In addition, Flickr is said to spread outside of computers at times, to cell phones or TVs with an Internet connection. "Hardware manufacturers increasingly want such connections," says Butterfield. ap / oht