How high should my saddle be

Adjust the bicycle saddle correctly

MichaelAugust 15, 2020 at 2:20 pm

Hello Armin,

Thank you for your quick answer. Unfortunately, I'm still a little on the tube.

You wrote that due to my legs being long in relation to my height, I would have to go for the knee brace
would have to push the saddle relatively far back. That makes sense, but actually it's the other way around for me and I have to push the saddle far forward (and, as I said, even turn the saddle clamp) in order to get my knees right.

This could probably only be due to the fact that my lower legs are relatively large (I would have to measure them), because with relatively long thighs I would actually have to sit further back for the knee plumb bob. Otherwise I can't explain it to myself at the moment.

But in general: Is it generally advisable to bring the knee in the direction of the pedal axis or in line with it? Before I started adjusting the wheel, my knees were really well behind (towards the rear wheel) the pedal axis (approx. 5cm). If I set it up like that and drive with it, it is much more uncomfortable. So it tends to be positive to come with your knees towards the pedal axis and not land several centimeters in front of or behind it.

Another general question: The knees can either be in front of or behind the pedal axis. What is in front and behind, however, depends on the perspective. I understand “in front of” the pedal axis to mean that the knee is above the axis in the direction of the front wheel. Is that correct?

Is there actually the possibility that I can record a video of riding on the ergometer so that you can get a rough look at the geometry? If necessary, I would pay for it too.

Many greetings and also a nice WE