Which strings for my Yamaha LL6 guitar

Review: Yamaha LL6 A.R.E. NT


After a long search I got the following guitar: Yamaha LL6 A.R.E NT, price: 600 €

For pictures, data and sound examples, please have a look here: https://www.thomann.de/de/yamaha_ll_6_are_nt.htm?ref=search_prv_1_2

However, I bought the guitar in a store.


Generally at a high level, however, there are some errors:
-Base plate does not have a perfect grain
-the cream-colored bindings are not worked perfectly everywhere
-minimal (glue?) - remnants at the transition from the neck to the body

However, everything is only noticeable on closer inspection and does not affect the sound. The top, headstock and the mechanics are perfectly finished.
Another positive aspect is the perfect fret purity, which is not necessarily a matter of course for many guitars in this price range.


The most important criterion for me. It corresponds to my personal sound ideal, apart from luxury guitars. That's why there are only pluses here.
+ Jumbo design ensures quite a volume, which allows the sound to unfold very well
+ The combination of spruce and rosewood creates a very balanced sound. I wouldn't say that the bass, mids, or highs stand out in particular.
+ I would describe the sound as very defined. The tones are not so blurred.
+ Even in higher registers it sounds wonderfully "singing" and hardly loses its sustain.
+ The balanced sound makes it suitable for most styles in my opinion. Although I mainly play fingerstyle, it is also well suited for accompanying music for vocals.
+ Yamaha has treated the blanket with A.R.E. (information on this on the Yamaha website). This should make it sound particularly well-rehearsed. Of course I don't know how it would sound without this feature, but subjectively I can confirm this description. One has the feeling as if the top would swing forever and especially chords sound very full and somehow "satisfying".

If you like to play unplugged and want to sing along with it, I recommend using slightly thinner strings, as these are quieter, especially if you have a more reserved voice.


This point was the decisive factor in my decision to buy the guitar.
+ A so-called "5-ply-neck" is built into the guitar, i.e. mahogany with 2 inlaid rosewood strips. The neck makes a very stable impression.
+ The action is very low. If you want to hit the strings properly or play a lot in Drop D, the guitar is rather unsuitable or would have to be readjusted. However, the guitar is already very loud, so the low string position hardly disturbs.
+ It is extremely comfortable to play barre holds on the guitar. The strings can be pressed down without great effort and forgive even slight mistakes when grasping. E.g. I had many guitars in my hand where chords like e.g. 131111 required a lot of effort (but also come from the concert guitar and am therefore a bit spoiled by the nylon strings). The ease of play has also been noticed by others who have tested the guitar.


A passive pickup was installed here. According to Yamaha, in combination with the missing cutaway, the acoustic sound should be affected as little as possible. But I doubt whether this is audible for laypeople.

I can only say good things about the pickup. I would describe the sound as very natural. I rarely use it, but if you want to go on stage at some point or want to experiment a little with different effects, it is helpful.

Conclusion: For the price a great guitar, very versatile and looks beautiful. Due to the great sound and the easy playability, you don't put it down again so quickly.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards