Can cats eat vegan burgers?

Vegan diet for cats

If you want to feed your kitten vegan, you need one thing above all: patience. Because: Cats have to get used to the vegan diet slowly. It is therefore advisable to mix the vegan food with the food that the cat normally eats first. Gradually, the mixing ratio can be changed slowly until the old lining has been completely replaced by the new one. However, cats cannot be forced into anything and the project is ultimately not crowned with success with every cuddly tiger.

As a dissertation from 1999 from the Maximilians University in Munich shows, cats can tolerate vegetarian food well. And, some vets also advocate the vegan diet for cats and call it a healthy alternative. Meat-heavy diet is even responsible for numerous diseases, especially kidney, liver and heart diseases in animals. So you can feed your cat vegan with a clear conscience. Nevertheless: start slowly. To help you get used to it, here are a few delicious vegan alternatives for your cuddly tiger.

Vegan dry food

There are now many vegan ready-made products to buy. The vegan dry food from Ami-Cat or Benovo is very suitable for cats. Here, the taurine, which is essential for cats' survival, is obtained from plant sources and added as a supplement. Taurine must be included in cat food, which is the first thing you should pay attention to when switching to vegan.

Tips for the transition

In addition to dry food, when switching to vegan cat food, for example, melon pieces, pureed chickpeas, nutrient pods, spirulina or tofu should be served warm.

Vegan every day

Otherwise you can bring cats with you

  • Potatoes,
  • vegetarian paste,
  • Sweet peas,
  • Seitan,
  • Carrots or
  • Feed cauliflower well.

Boil the potatoes, chickpeas and cauliflower, cut the carrots, seitan and sweet peas into small pieces and chop everything in a food processor, squeeze the potatoes and mix everything with the vegetarian paste with the kitchen mixer. The meal can then be served warm to the cat or canned in the freezer for 14 days.

Variety guaranteed

If you want to give your cat a little variety, you can use ingredients like

  • Iceberg lettuce,
  • Soy cheese or
  • Serve vegetarian sausage spread.

These ingredients should not be used daily, but only in small amounts and only occasionally. So: It's best to be patient with your cat, see whether it tastes the food and how it reacts to it. If your cat has problems converting, then it is advisable to consult the veterinarian. Be attentive and spoil your cat with a delicious, vegan diet. And never forget the taurine. This is vital for your cat. We hope you enjoy these tips!

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