What does sacrosanct mean?


The adjective sacrosanct means "inviolable" or "inviolable". It describes unchangeably established, indubitable facts, rules, principles, persons, institutions and the like.

The origin of the term is Latinsacrosanctum (sacer = holy, sanctus = holy), which meant the inviolability of a person at the time of the Roman Republic and in the Roman Empire and thus should ensure their physical integrity. Initially, the tribunes were the political representatives of the plebeians sacrosanct, above all to protect them from attacks by the upper class. The mechanism for this was very simple: someone who physically attacked a tribune could be executed by the people on the spot and without trial. After the end of the Roman Republic, i.e. at the time of the Principate, thesacrosanctitas also part of the imperial office.

In the course of time, the term was expanded, initially describing the indisputability of Christian teachings and finally losing its current general meaning also the religious reference.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[zakʁoˈzaŋkt]

Usage examples

The long time as sacrosanct valid assertion was eventually called into question.

Many citizens of the United States feel the right to own guns as a sacrosanct.

It is considered in the company as sacrosanctbecause it is indispensable when negotiating with business partners.

The constitution of Germany, the Basic Law, is like a national sanctuary - but sacrosanct is not it.
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