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We need water from morning to evening: for drinking, for cooking, for washing and for a lot more. How much water we use for what every day - here it is!

From: Simone Wichert

Status: 03/15/2021

Water has many different functions in our body. It is most important for the kidneys and brain: The Kidneys This flushes substances out of our body that it no longer needs or that are even poisonous. And ours brain wants to be constantly supplied with nutrients so that it can work well. Our blood transports these nutrients to it - as well as to all other organs in our body and to our muscles.

Blood consists for the most part of water.

Blood consists for the most part of water. It circles through our bodies again and again, bringing nutrients everywhere they are needed and picking up waste. The blood circulates in our body so often that a total of 2,000 liters of water flow through the kidneys and 1,400 liters through the brain.

Don't get it wrong: Of course, we don't have that much blood in our bodies, only about 4-6 liters per person. But they circle so often that up to two thousand liters flow through the organs a day. Got it?

Our body keeps losing water, but that is also vital for it: When we have to go to the toilet, where we get rid of waste, when we sweat and our body cools down in the process - and even when we breathe out, because it always is a little water vapor in the air we breathe. Without water we could only survive two days. So drinking is vital! Children need about one to two liters and adults two to three liters of water every day.

Needs a lot of water: the washing machine.

For personal hygiene, washing clothes, cooking and washing up and for everything else we do with water, each and every one of us here in Germany uses around every day 130 liters of drinking water - that's 13 big buckets full.

We only take five liters of it - half a bucket - to drink and eat. We flush seven times as much in the toilet every day: around 35 liters. A good bucket of water trickles out of the shower every minute. 12 to 18 buckets fit into a bathtub: that is up to 180 liters!

Wonderful: the fountain on Munich's Karlsplatz in summer!

And water is also needed elsewhere: We look forward to fountains in which water bubbles, the fire brigade needs it to put out the fire, we water our flowers with it and the farmer waters the plants in the field so that he can later harvest the fruit.

Water is also used in factories: for paper manufacture, for example, but also for paper recycling. By the way, 10 liters of water are required to make a single sheet of paper!

You can drink very little

There is a lot of water on our earth: three quarters of it is covered with water. But: Most of it is salt water that you can't drink. And of the little fresh water that there is, most of it is still frozen: in glaciers and ice sheets. So only one thing helps:

Save water! For example like this:

  • Collect rainwater and use it to water the flowers!
  • You can also water flowers with the water that was used to wash vegetables in the kitchen.
  • Don't waste so much paper, you don't have to re-manufacture or recycle so much.
  • Better to take a quick shower than a bath, you need a lot more water for a full bath.
  • Use the economy button on the toilet!