How did Joe Biden get his fortune

Super Tuesday: Joe Biden - millionaire, stutterer and selfie king

Joe Biden made a phenomenal comeback in the Democratic primary. If it continues like this, he could face Donald Trump in the fall. What you should know about him now.

A favorite for the US presidency race is emerging in the US Democratic primary. Not all states have held their primary elections yet, but at "Super Tuesday", which saw votes in 14 states, the former Vice President Joe Biden did surprisingly well: Biden emerged as the winner from at least 9 out of 14 primary elections.

The race has not yet been decided. Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders is close to Biden, and there will be more primaries through early June, including in Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, Biden is now once again one of the big favorites. If you want to have a say in the debates about Democratic candidates, you should five facts about Joe Biden know:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.. was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA.

Biden is with one Net worth around $ 9 million (a good eight million euros) according to information from Forbes business magazine, the wealthiest democratic applicant who - realistically speaking - is still in the running. After the "Super Tuesday" failures, Michael Bloomberg (just under $ 62 billion) and Elizabeth Warren ($ 12 million) are de facto out, even if they have not yet declared their waiver.

Joe Biden's fortune comes from pension claims for his public offices (including serving as senator and vice president), real estate ownership, and the sale of his autobiographical books. In addition, there are highly endowed appearances with which he publicly advertises the books - he received between 8,000 and 90,000 dollars (a good 7,000 to 81,000 euros) just for appearances on the book "Promise me, Dad". (Read more about the assets of the Democratic applicants here.)

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Bidens tragic family history, which he also used in "Promise me, Dad", touched the Americans. A few days before Christmas, on December 18, 1972, his first wife Neilia (30 years old) and one-year-old daughter Naomi Christina were killed in a car accident. The two sons Hunter (four years old) and the one year younger Beau sat in the car and survived seriously injured. Joe Biden had just been elected a Delaware state senator. He took his oath of office on the hospital bed of his son Beau. Decades later, Biden is back at Beau's hospital. This time it's the deathbed - Beau Biden dies of a brain tumor at the age of 46.

Biden is considered to be"King of Selfies". The University of Delaware's website, Biden's Alma Mater, has an entire page called Selfies with Joe Biden for students to share their selfies with the politician. In February, a video became famous in which Joe Biden rides the New York Times elevator with an employee. Biden asks the woman who is standing next to him in her work clothes if she would like to take a selfie with him.

Joe Biden did stuttered as a child. To this day he struggles with it and stands up for children who feel like himself when he was younger. In December, the former Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders ridiculed Biden for his way of speaking after a TV debate among the Democratic candidates on Twitter - and received heavy criticism. In the reply, Biden pointed to his own story and emphasized that he was a mentor for other people affected. "It's called empathy," wrote Biden. Finally, Sanders apologized. It was one of the few cases where verbal failures by the Trump administration resulted in a public admission of guilt.

However, Biden also has a hard time rhetorically beyond stuttering. He afforded himself at public appearances and television debates embarrassing bastards, Failures and dropouts. Sometimes he mixed up places, sometimes his wife, sometimes the office he was applying for ("I'm a Democratic candidate for the US Senate"). Critics scoffed that Biden was already overwhelmed by putting simple thoughts into words and completing sentences. On "Super Tuesday" he mistakenly mistook who was standing next to him when giving a speech to supporters. He said, "This is my little sister Valerie," pointing to his wife. In fact, his sister Valerie Biden Owens has often supported him in the election campaign. He often referred to her as his best friend.

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