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Because he berated Liverpool fans: Goldberg Segalla quits leading insurance lawyer


Following the defeat of his favorite football club, Chelsea, a British lawyer called Liverpool fans "disgusting scum" on camera. Incompatible with the company ethos for his employer.

An insurance lawyer from England and an avowed fan of the Chelsea football club was reported by the London Evening Standard filmed when, after a defeat of "his" club, he called the fans of the opposing team Liverpool, among other things, "disgusting scouse scum" and "nasty, horrible people" (nasty, horrible people;).

The video spread quickly on the Internet, and his employer, the international law firm Goldberg Segalla, based in London, also saw it. Now the top lawyer has been officially dismissed without notice - also justified by video. The company's managing partner, Rick Cohen, posted a video on the company's own YouTube channel in which he announced that they would go their separate ways from now on.

In the meantime, the football fan, who a year earlier had been listed as the best lawyer for insurance law in the "United Kingdom Guide", officially spoke to the Evening Standard sorry. He was just very disappointed after the game and let his emotions overwhelm him. He regrets if someone has been offended by his rash words.

"Be Better People Than Lawyers"

The chairman of "Goldberg Segella’s Global Insurance Services", Daniel W. Gerber, acknowledges that the former employee was not completely with himself and that he now regrets this very much. But in the company you have to observe the principles of inclusion and mutual respect. Finally, some of the employees also supported the Liverpool football club or other clubs.

Managing partner Cohen, who officially announced the dismissal decision on video, had even less sympathy for the top attorney's outburst. According to the company's managing director, his behavior does not meet the standards that the law firm sets itself. The comments are completely incompatible with the company ethos.

This company is special because its employees not only have to be "technically excellent, they also have to be better people than lawyers. Our core values ​​require that everyone who works in this law firm has respect for clients, the courts, colleagues and the Community shows. Respect, tolerance, friendliness, diversity, charity - these are not just words for us, we truly stand by these values. "

ahe / LTO editorial team