How am I supposed to bond with a puppy

Seven tips for the first few weeks with the puppy

The day of arrival is approaching, the excitement grows and then it is actually there: the puppy! But with the new friend not only comes life and joy into the house, it also increases responsibility. Here we reveal what you should pay attention to in the first few weeks with the little one.

Preparation is everything

In order to make the home "puppy-safe" before the small dog arrives, any sources of danger should be removed. This includes power cords, medication, and cleaning supplies. These must be put away in such a way that the puppy can no longer get to them. In addition, all items intended for him should be bought before his arrival. So you are really ready for the little one and he can get used to his basket, collar and toys right from the start. For the feed you should seek advice from a breeder.

Acclimatization phase to arrive and feel good

It is best to give the puppy the feeling when you pick it up that he can feel secure and not have to be afraid. It is best to show your own excitement as little as possible. Let someone else drive so that you can take care of the little one while you are driving. Transport it in a box that you can place on your lap or between your feet. This is how you convey closeness. At home, give the newcomer time to get used to and explore their new home. Stay close to him and cuddle him when he seeks physical contact. However, you should set limits from the start and don't let him chew anything - except for his toys and chewing bones.

A life without pee puddles

Most dogs display certain behavior before they start peeing. For example, many sniff longer on the ground. Find out your dog's typical behavior and take him outside before he can act on his intent. If he does his business in the designated place, you should reward him immediately and show that you are happy about it. If it goes wrong, put the little one outside without comment and clean it away. Patience is the key to being house-trained. Some dogs need several weeks to do this.

The first sitting and down exercises

The prerequisite for success without frustration is that you do not set yourself too high goals. That means to be satisfied with every little sense of achievement and to convey this to the dog as well. If you want, you can combine training with a game. For example, hold up a rope in the middle of a game of catching and say "sit". If the dog hears, reward him immediately with a "good dog" and scratch him. "Come" is best trained in connection with the dispensing of food. Don't just shout the little one's name, but always give the order. Otherwise the puppy will no longer know what you want from him.

Go for a walk and make new contacts

After your puppy has got used to you and the family members for the first few days, further contacts can be made. But make sure that the little one does not find himself frightened in a crowd. If you have any questions about the puppy, a dog school can also help. Caution is advised when contacting other dogs, because not every dog ​​adheres to the puppy protection. It is best to clarify this with the other owner from a distance before the two approach each other.

Doctor visits and insurance

The puppy should already have received the basic vaccinations from the breeder. In order to effectively continue the basic immunization, regular revaccinations must take place in the first year of life and also afterwards. The best thing to do is to get the vaccination recommendation from your veterinarian as soon as your dog arrives. You will never miss a vaccination. Insurance cover is also an important precaution. Because as a master or mistress, you are legally liable for everything that the little one does. Whether chewed up valuables, torn jeans or bills for a doctor's visit because the dog jumps in front of a bicycle. With the right insurance you can save a lot in such cases. So let yourself be well advised!

Everyday life in a dog's life

The new puppy is totally adorable and you would love to just cuddle him all day and watch him walk around the apartment. But even with the new addition, your life will go on normally. You will soon have to go back to work, shopping or sports - and of course the dog cannot always go with you. It is therefore important to get him used to being alone right from the start. He has to learn to deal with boredom. You should also teach him to lie still for a long period of time. If he can do that, nothing stands in the way of a visit to your favorite restaurant.