Who was the first Christian martyr


As a sign that these three martyrs had given their lives to God, they could still walk after they were beheaded. This is what the legend tells of Felix, Regula and their servant in Zurich.
Martyrs of the 20th century at Westminster Abbey, London

Martyrs are people who suffer for their faith and even die for it. The ancient Greek word "martus" means witness. The martyrs testified of their faith, even if this was not wanted by those around them. For this they were promised special rewards in the afterlife.

It is not known whether there were martyrs among the Jews of the Old Testament. The first Christian martyr was Stephen. He was stoned to death for offending the Jewish God. The events are recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. Presumably, in fact, it wasn't exactly like that. But many Christians became martyrs after Stephen. The Romans in particular killed many Christians because the Christians wanted to convince the Romans of their faith in Jesus.

There were many martyrs in the 16th century and after. In the struggle between the Catholics and the Reformed for the correct faith, many people were killed and later venerated as martyrs. Around the year 2000 the Reformed and Catholic Churches published long lists of people who had been killed for their belief in the 20th century.

In Islam there is the Arabic word Shahid. It also means witness. In Islam, martyrs are people who died in war or fighting people who believe in something else. They are buried in a special way, namely in the clothes in which they died.

  • The French city of Saint-Tropez has Torpes, its saint and martyr, depicted on its coat of arms.

  • This silver coin depicts a Christian martyr from the 3rd century.

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