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Samwise Gamgee

Samwise Gamgee



Samwise Gamgee (original: Samwise Gamgee), called Sam, is the son of Bilbo Baggins gardener Hamfast Gamdschie, called: Alter Ohm, and Bell Gamdschie, nee Gutkind.


As the son of "Old Ohm" he learned his father's trade and became a gardener for the Baggins family.

After overhearing the magician Gandalf and Frodo during a conversation about the One Ring, Gandalf appoints Frodo to accompany him so that the ring can be safely transported to Rivendell with him Imladris called) to bring. On the way they are joined by Meriadoc Brandybuck, called Merry, and Peregrin Tuk, called Pippin. In Bree they meet Aragorn, who guides them the rest of the way and protects them from the Nazgûl.

As one of the Nine Companions, Sam sets out with the ring bearer to destroy the ring of power in Orodruin (Mount Doom). Although Sam goes along voluntarily, he is not comfortable with it. He says: "A nice soup that we got there, Mr. Frodo!"

After the ring community at Parth Galen breaks up, he is the only companion who moves on with Frodo to Mount Doom. When Frodo is incapacitated by the giant spider Shelob at the Cirith Ungol Pass and kidnapped by orcs, Sam takes the ring (which also makes him a ring bearer) and frees Frodo from the hands of the orcs.


Sam's life motto is simple: He does not fight for or against someone in particular, such as Sauron, but only for or against the matters that concern him directly. Like all hobbits, Sam is a peace-loving fellow at heart. After his return from Mordor, he married on May 1st of the year 3020 D.Z. / 1420 A.Z. his childhood friend Rose Hüttinger and has thirteen children with her (Elanor the beautiful, Frodo, Rose, Merry, Pippin, Goldilocks, Hamfast, Margerite, Primula, Bilbo, Rubinie, Robi Gamdschie and Tolman). In 1427 A.Z. Sam is elected Mayor of the Shire and re-elected six times. King Elessar later appointed him, like his friends Meriadoc Brandybock and Peregrin Tuk, councilors of the Northern Kingdom. After the death of his wife Rosie, Sam travels on an Elven ship to the Old West (Aman), after giving his daughter Elanor the completed manuscript of the Red Book of West Marks. But that doesn't mean that he won't die in his time.

Tolkien writes: 'I haven't said anything about it in the book, but the underlying mythical idea is that for mortals, because their kind cannot be changed forever, this is actually only a temporary reward: a cure and reparation for suffering. They cannot stay forever, and if they cannot return to the mortal world, they can and will die - of their own free will - and leave the world. ' Letter: 154

Sam's meaning

For the author J. R. R. Tolkien, Sam was the most important figure in the story, because it was only through Sam's loyalty and loyalty that the entire adventure was ultimately carried. "Sam is the most accurately drawn character," Tolkien noted in Letter 93, "Bilbo's successor from the first book, the real hobbit. Frodo is not that interesting because he has to be so high-minded and (in a sense) has a calling." Indeed, Sam has more heroic qualities than meets the eye. He not only wears the ring for a short time, but faces the orcs all alone at Cirith Ungol's in Mordor in order to save Frodo. His needs are much simpler and not as noble as those of Gandalf or Aragorn, but it also makes them look a lot more valuable. He puts himself in as great danger as these heroes, but he only does it to help his master Frodo and, for example, to protect him from the seedy Gollum. In doing so, he develops superhuman or "superhobbitic" powers.

In Letter 246, however, Tolkien is much more critical of Sam and writes, among other things: "Sam should be lovable and laughable. He irritates some readers to anger or even anger. I feel the same way with all hobbits at times, although I still have them like. " Tolkien later writes that Sam was narrow-minded and deeply also a little conceited and complacent.

Name and title

Sam Gamgee a real person

During J. R. R. Tolkien's lifetime there lived a man named Sam Gamgee. He lived on Brixton Road in London S.W.9. Mr Gamgee wrote to Tolkien because a friend had told him about a radio show that ran The Lord of the Rings as a sequel (Tolkien disliked the radio show). Mr. Gamgee wanted to know how Tolkien came up with the name in the LotR. Tolkien was very pleased with the letter and replied immediately on March 18, 1956. He explained that the origin of the name was due to his childhood when he lived near Birmigham and that his Sam Gamgee is called Samweise and not Sam or Sam (p) son or Samuel. He sent a signed copy of each of the three volumes of the Lord of the Rings to Mr. Gamgee, as an author's tribute to the fine Gamgee family. Mr. Gamgee thanked Tolkien and wrote, "I can assure you that I definitely plan to read it".

Diary entry:

After this incident, Tolkien wrote in his diary: "For a long time I was afraid of someone with" S. Gollum "received a signed letter. That would have been more difficult to deal with."


Sam is played by Sean Astin in the film trilogy. Contact with "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson came through his father John, who played a ghostly judge in Jackson's last film "The Frighteners". And the next generation should also benefit from this contact: Sean's six-year-old daughter Alexandra Louise can be seen in the third part as Sam's daughter Elanor.


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