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Choosing a spouse should be a really well-considered decision. After all, the bond should last really long for life. Nobody can know what challenges await us in the course of life. We only know that difficult days will also come. When the time comes, we will be happy when we have chosen a partner who is compatible with us and who is also willing to get through a difficult time with us.

We want someone with whom we have a lot in common. But it should also complement us. It should offer us security and security, but also excitement and passion at the same time. And then he should also be able to cope with our quirks, but if possible not have any himself. In short: we want a lot. Fortunately, our zodiac signs can reveal a lot about our quirks, but also our advantages - and thus also influence which zodiac signs we fit and which do not.

Know when: The perfect age for each zodiac sign to get married

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

True to the motto "like to join in the same", a fiery Aries woman goes very well with other fire signs. Sagittarius and Leo would be ideal partners for a life together. Even another ram would be conceivable. But air symbols can also be the perfect partners. As in real life, the flames only really flare up when they come into contact with air. So a sociable Gemini could also be the right thing for Aries.

Better not: The realistic Capricorn is rather not for Aries. Far too down-to-earth, far too serious and also far too stubborn! It is better not to collide two zodiac signs with horns.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

Taurus want to be courted, but then it shouldn't be too much drama and action. Watermarks like Pisces or Scorpio can offer just that. The calm Pisces man will just adore his Taurus woman and there is a tremendous attraction between Taurus and Scorpio, as these two zodiac signs are the opposite pole to the other. Career-oriented Taurus will love Capricorn. You can advance Taurus with your rational and down-to-earth manner.

Better not: Bulls should stay away from lions. Both signs like to be in the spotlight and take the lead. Stress is almost inevitable.

Twins (May 21 to June 21)

Geminis want to be in the middle of the action, enjoy their life and not have to answer to anyone for it. So Aquarius seems to be made for them. Intellectually, both are exactly on the same page and in bed as well. But the Libra man can also be the man for life. He is also not afraid to argue with the Gemini woman and to stand up to her, which she likes very much in a strange way.

Better not: Cancer, with its tendency to be attached, is nothing at all for freedom-loving twins.

Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

The romantic and sensitive Cancer woman finds her absolute dream partner in Scorpio. Together they can dive into a deep emotional world. The two watermarks swim exactly on the same wavelength and there is nothing better in a marriage than to know that the partner understands you exactly. While other zodiac signs run away from the jealousy of Scorpio, Cancer finally feels safe and secure. Pisces are also a good match for Cancer, but they do not offer the same attraction and depth as a Scorpio.

Better not: Sagittarius drives the Cancer woman crazy with his thirst for freedom and daring ideas. She will not be able to lead a harmonious family life with him, even if she may feel attracted to him at first.

Leo (July 23rd to August 23rd)

The strong lioness is a real power woman and needs a partner who can keep up with her. So there has to be another fire sign. It crackles a lot with a shooter. This connection definitely has potential to last forever. A second lion would also be conceivable.

Better not: Libra are charming and will attract everyone's attention. In the beginning, this will also irritate the lion, but this changes very quickly, because lions do not like to share the attention.

Virgo (August 24th to September 23rd)

Virgos are analytical, realistic, and invest a lot in their work to be able to afford all the beautiful things they want in life. Capricorns feel the same way, which is why these two are the definition of a power couple. You will go far in life. With Cancer, on the other hand, Virgo expects a harmonious family life. Because the sensitive cancer can meet their security needs 100%.

Better not: Pisces are far too dreamy and illogical for the Virgo. In addition, they never follow the Virgo's pragmatic advice that sooner or later she will feel the need to shake her.

Libra (September 24th to October 23rd)

Libra has an almost magical attraction for most of the zodiac signs, but not everyone can deal with their urge to go up and their thirst for adventure. Aquarius, on the other hand, is exactly absorbed in it. In addition, both are real idealists and can lapse into discussions about God and the world for hours. Gemini, to whom their social life is also very important, can also be a perfect complement to Libra.

Better not: The luxury-loving Libra cannot do anything with the frugality of the Virgo. And it quickly becomes repugnant to the lion, too. After all, only one person can be in the spotlight.

Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd)

Scorpios are passionate and need great emotions in their life. Cancer can offer you just that and is also your biggest fan. What more can a Scorpio want? But earth signs like Taurus or Virgo can also complement Scorpio well. With their solid nature they compensate for the outbursts of emotions of the Scorpio.

Better not: The Scorpio is a mysterious sign by nature, but it is nothing compared to Aquarius. Sooner or later the Scorpio will have to realize in frustration that he can never hold onto or understand Aquarius.

Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st)

Sagittarius love adventure, after all, life wants to be lived. So your partner can't be boring under any circumstances. With a ram, the sparks fly just like that. Since Sagittarius don't like to commit themselves, they love the spontaneous Aries. But you can also fall in love with the exciting twins.

Better not: Sagittarius loves his freedom - so the possessive Scorpio only has problems.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

The down-to-earth, ambitious Capricorn woman actually benefits from the spirited Scorpio. He manages to lure her out of her reserve and makes her life more exciting. In an argument, he easily puts away her stubbornness. But other water and earth signs such as Cancer, Taurus and Virgo also offer the Capricorn the security and strength that he needs.

Better not: While the Capricorn has planned and organized his life, the Cancer lives in the daytime. On the other hand, the Capricorn has a terribly cold feeling to Cancer.

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

Aquarius loves their freedom and is a real individualist. Aquarians feel truly understood by other Aquarians. But Libra also listens carefully to you and can help you to realize yourself. With Gemini, harmony is virtually guaranteed, and with a Leo, the passion will probably never die down.

Better not: The incredibly high demands of the perfectionist Virgo will only frustrate Aquarius. In addition, the Virgo likes to do everything according to the instructions and is therefore simply too good for the Aquarius.

Pisces (February 20th to March 20th)

Pisces need someone by their side who is an emotional and passionate person. Together with a scorpion they can dive into undreamt-of depths. These two will immediately feel like soul mates. With a loyal Cancer, the Pisces would also feel good.

Better not: Pisces are pretty dreamy and need a partner who doesn't always have his head in the clouds, but can also set the tone from time to time. The Sagittarius is so erratic and daring that he cannot offer them the stability they need.

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