What about America and Diet Coke

Coca-Cola is taking a radical step with Cola Light

Coca-Cola is modernizing the Cola Light. And sometimes drastically. The soft drinks giant announced on Wednesday. Design and advertising are new. But there are also changes in the flavors. According to its own information, Coca-Cola had tested more than 30 flavors for two years. Four made it into the range: Ginger Lime, Cherry (Feisty Cherry), Blood Orange (Zesty Blood Orange) and Mango (Twisted Mango). The classic variant is still available. The innovations primarily only affect the US market.

Coke Zero Sugar is a role model for Diet Coke

In the past few years, Cola Light was one of the weak points in the Coca-Cola range. The brand struggled to attract health-conscious customers, especially in the US, even though it was advertised as a zero-calorie drink. American consumers are drinking sugary soft drinks less and less. Nevertheless, they are skeptical about Diet Coke because of its artificial flavors. "Selling carbonated soft drinks should be the solution to the soft drink industry's calorie dilemma," said Monica Kvamme, Consultant at Zenith Global Ltd. “But the soaring was short-lived.” Since 2005, sales of low-calorie soft drinks have fallen by 34 percent.

With the innovation, Coca-Cola is now trying to repeat the success of its completely redesigned Coke Zero brand from last year. In August, Coca-Cola stopped selling Coke Zero in the US and replaced it with a product with a different recipe, design and name. The drink is now called Coke Zero Sugar. The company had previously made similar changes in other countries - including the UK.

Cola light should become more lucrative again

The reactions at the time were violent. But the innovation paid off. In both the USA and Great Britain, sales figures rose significantly again.

Cola Light will keep its name for the time being. The fear of losing loyal followers of the drink seemed too great. Nevertheless, the beverage manufacturer hopes that the innovations will not only satisfy old customers, but also make Diet Coke more lucrative again overall.