Who is the Most Underrated Voltron Paladin

I know that there are probably a lot of mistakes in it. (To be corrected ^ - ^ ')
In this oneshot, Pidge is a boy because that's why xD
And now have fun reading: D

Actually, the evening hadn't been planned that way. Actually, they all wanted to go to bed early so that the next day they would be well rested for the mission that awaited them. That had changed spontaneously, however, after Lance found something interesting in the castle's kitchen. An alcoholic Altean drink.

"Lance ... I don't think that's a good idea ...", Hunk commented and pointed to the bottle the Cuban was holding in his hands. However, he was very enthusiastic about his idea: "Oh come on! What's the big deal? Besides, if we drink that stuff, it's definitely not the end of the universe. "

The Samoan looked around briefly, only to move away from his best friend to look for shot glasses in the kitchen. He winced when he heard a voice.

"What are you doing here?" It was Pidge who was standing in the door to the kitchen. Lance nervously tried to hide the bottle from him: "Nothing. What should we do?" Pidge grimaced questioningly until he looked back at Hunk, who at that moment turned to the smallest team member with the shot glasses.

"Oh Quiznak!"

,, You are not serious now ?! Where did you find that stuff ?! ", Pidge wanted to know and tried to take the alcohol from Lance's hands, who tried desperately to keep the smaller one away.

“Stop being so loud! Otherwise Shiro will hear no- "

"What do I hear?"

And by then it was too late. Shiro came into the kitchen with Allura and Keith in tow. The Cuban pushed Pidge away and let the bottle disappear behind his back: "Daaaas ... That we are still awake, although we should actually be sleeping?" Inwardly he hoped that her team leader would buy it from him, but had the bill not done with Keith.

,,Oh yes? And what are you hiding behind your back? ", He asked with a raised eyebrow. Lance grimaced in annoyance and looked at Hunk, who was standing in the room with the shot glasses in despair. With a slight movement of his head, he wanted to tell the Samoan, that he should turn around so the others couldn't see the shot glasses. Unfortunately Allura noticed this and looked at the yellow paladin.

“Lance! Take out the bottle with whatever drink it is and put it back where you got it, "Allura snapped at him, not even looking at him. The blue paladin opened his eyes in shock:" But Allura! Just this once! Please! " The princess gave the Cuban a sparkling look as she walked up to him: “No! I don't know what that will do to you as you are not Alteans! "

"What's he got there anyway?", Shiro wanted to know and then looked at Hunk, who was still holding the shot glasses in his hands. His eyes widened when he saw them: "Oh no! No alcohol! That you can forget it again immediately! "

,,How so? That could be funny ... ", Keith said then and looked expressionless. Allura whirled around startled and stared at the red paladin in disbelief:" Keith! I don't know what effect Altean alcohol has on you! That can we are not responsible! " But he just shrugged his shoulders: “I don't think we'll die from it. Also, Shiro is a responsible adult and you should be able to make sure Lance doesn't throw up the kitchen. "

It took maybe two minutes for the six to sit down at the table and Hunk handed out the small glasses.

"I'm still not enthusiastic about it ...", the black paladin remarked and looked at Pidge, "Especially since he's only 15!" Then he leaned back with his arms crossed. The others looked at Shiro confused until Pidge commented: "Says the one who is only six years old ..." The group stayed calm until Lance couldn't suppress his laughter anymore and everyone else started laughing one after the other . Her leader pouted and slid into his chair: "Just because my birthday is on February 29th, doesn't mean that I'm only six ..." Finally Allura looked at Shiro questioningly: "What is the matter with him, Date? To do? "

“February 29th is only every four years in the calendar on earth. This is called a leap year. And Shiro unfortunately had the bad luck to be born that day ... ", explained the green paladin, who was the first to recover. One after the other, the laughter of the rest of the paladins stopped. Then Hunk took the bottle with the alcohol and filled the shot glasses: "And now just drink or what?" He looked at Lance, who was looking at him like Hunk was about to kid him.

"I think we should make it a little ... more interesting ..." suggested the blue paladin and grinned conspiratorially at the group. Keith peeked over at him annoyed, with a certain premonition, but the Cuban ignored the red one Paladin and stood up triumphantly: "We're playing 'Never have I ever'! That will be fun!"

"Oh wait! I hear the escalation getting closer ... ", said Pidge and looked meaningfully at the black paladin from him diagonally, but he just looked at the ceiling:" What should I say about that? I'm only six, aren't I? " The green paladin rolled his eyes in annoyance and mumbled something unintelligible to himself. Accordingly, Allura intervened in the situation, but not as the Italian had wished.

"What is that?" Asked the princess curiously and her clear blue eyes began to glow. Hunk sighed softly before he took the word: "This is a drinking game, princess ... So I'll explain it to you . Each of us has his glass in front of him. And someone in the group says what he has not done yet. And those who have already done that have to drink. But if no one has done that, the one who has to drink has to drink Besides, you can't lie! Which Lance can't anyway because I knew. " The Altean nodded with a smile. Then she looked around: "And who starts?"

"Well who do you think? The most beautiful woman around, "said Lance and grinned over to the white-haired woman who just stared at him in annoyance. Then she leaned forward and grinned maliciously:" I've never tried to flirt with a princess. " The Cuban's jaw dropped, but decently emptied the shot glass, which he then filled again. Satisfied, the princess looked over at Keith, who was sitting across from her. The young man thought for a moment before saying anything.

"I've never eaten pineapple on pizza before ..." he said dryly and grinned as Shiro and Hunk drank their shots. Pidge grimaced in disgust: "I just don't get it. I mean, I know that Shiro always defaces his pizza with that stuff, but hunk! Seriously, what's so great about that ?! " Hunk's mouth watered: ,, Pineapple is soooo delicious! These Italians always have to complain about it! "Accordingly, Lance also interfered in the conversation:" What about seafood? Do you have something to complain about, Pidge ?! "

"Stop now!", The black paladin interrupted before the conversation could develop into a real war. "It doesn't matter who likes to eat what on his pizza. Let's play on." Accordingly, the blue paladin cleared his throat and continued with the game: "I've never had a problem with my discipline."

Keith growled at him in annoyance before he emptied the small glass in front of him and had Lance refill it.

Meanwhile the green paladin smiled: "I've never turned on an officer at the Garrison ..." The Cuban snorted softly and drank the alcohol from the glass and then refilled it. Suddenly Shiro leaned forward and looked interested Lance to: "Which one?" The younger looked into the void: "Miss Jackson ... I mean: Hello! This woman is just awesome! However, she gave me a basket that sat ... "Now he aroused interest in Allura too:" And what kind of one? " The blue paladin's gaze slowly wandered back around: "Try again if you have a beard on your face ..." Next to him, the red paladin grunted barely audibly, but loud enough for the Cuban to hear.

"I'll go on ...", said the yellow paladin and cleared his throat. "I've never thought about what it would be like to be of the opposite sex ..." Nervously, Allura reached for her glass, examined it it just before she started and emptied it. The disbelieving looks of the five paladins seemed to pierce her.

"What then?" Asked the princess and refilled the shot glass. Nobody said anything. Sighing, the Altean sank into her chair: "As a woman, things are not always easy!" Shiro winced next to her when Allura screamed.

"I've never reprogrammed a drone ...", threw the black paladin around and got a grumble from Pidge, who emptied the glass for the first time. After that, however, he threw a cheeky grin into the group: " Unfortunately, I doubt anyone else could have done this.

,,And what happens now? It was everyone's turn. Is that game over now? ", Allura asked and looked from one paladin to the other. Lance immediately spoke up and scratched his neck with his right hand:" No ... It goes on and on. And the one at the end is most drunk, has lost. "

"Oh ... I've never cooked ..." Allura said and started typing on the table with her fingers. Lance almost choked when he saw that Keith had to raise his glass too.

"You can cook ?!" asked the brown-haired man in disbelief and filled the small glass. His right neighbor looked at him annoyed: "I lived in a hut in the desert for months. Of course I can cook!" There was a soft laugh and it came from none other than Shiro.

,, Well ... I wouldn't call it cooking. Burn, yes ... but don't boil ", laughed the black paladin and took the bottle from the blue paladin. Hunk looked at the leader questioningly after he had drunk his shot:" How do you know that? "

,,Please do not! Shiro! The red paladin pleaded in panic. It was the last thing he wanted. The story that went with this statement would only give Lance material to annoy him. And that for the rest of his life.

"Okay. I hold tight "

"What a shame ...", the yellow paladin mumbled, while Keith sighed in relief and shortly afterwards continued with the game: "I've never thought that I could dance like Shakira ..."

“Oh Quiznak! Are you serious now? ", Lance grumbled and downed the alcohol. The one to his right just smiled and leaned back. The Cuban shook the bottle a little, which was almost half empty:" I'll get another ... "Before the blue paladin got up he took off his jacket and only then went to the pantry to get another bottle of the drink.

"Are you all right Lance?", Pidge asked startled, when the addressed swayed barely noticeably. The taller looked at the green paladin puzzled: "Yes. I'm just warm, why?" The youngest of the group pushed up his glasses: "Otherwise you don't take off your jacket, that's why."

The older man didn't answer, but sat down and put the second bottle on the table. Then he turned his head to Lance to the red paladin to his right: "I've never tried to steal Quintessence from the Galra!"

,,Honestly? Fi "

"You don't dare!", Shiro intervened without hesitation and threw the younger one a punishing look. The latter sighed in annoyance and drank the shot. The black paladin then looked at Pidge, who just snuckled softly. Apparently he already had one Idea.
"I've never had a relationship ..." he said calmly and leaned back. And just as he had suspected, Lance, Shiro and Keith had to drink. However, he hadn't expected Keith's next action, because this one suddenly seemed to be hugging himself.

,, Uh ... Shiro? Is he okay? ", Allura asked worriedly and pointed to the red paladin, who was apparently trying to snuggle up to the back of the chair. The oldest of the group looked over at this and shook his head:" He's drunk, but otherwise it's okay im good. " The princess smiled at the young paladin, which he didn't notice as he was more busy hugging himself.

"I'll go ahead then ... I've never hacked into the Garrison's database ...", Hunk threw around and got a death look from his counterpart, which he didn't let go of the Samoan when he did The glass emptied. Then he filled it up again: "You'll get that back ~" Then his gaze wandered to Shiro: "It's your turn."

"I've never sneaked out of the castle in the middle of the night ..." he said and looked between Keith and Allura, who were lifting their shot glasses and drinking. He had just leaned back and closed his eyes when he was up once there was a loud noise.

It was Allura who hit the table with her fist.
,, Quiznak again! What's that about?! Lance give me the bottle IMMEDIATELY! ", She yelled at the Cuban and leaned back, gritting her teeth. The addressee pushed the bottle to her, scared. After he had done that, he looked to the right at Keith, his cheeks red from the alcohol In contrast to Allura, this one seemed to be quite peaceful.

And once more the young Altean hit the table with her fist and angrily looked around: "I've never lived on earth, you damned Earthlings!"

The paladins carefully took the shot glasses from the table and drank the contents. Allura was full to the top and apparently not exactly one of the peaceful kind of drunkards, as was Keith, who snuggled more and more into his jacket and chair.

"I never thought that I could flirt well ~" Keith slurred and stared at Shiro, who noticed the younger man's behavior and just shook his head.

"Are you drunk?", The Cuban asked the right man next to him as he turned down the alcohol and noticed that he wasn't so sober himself either. He felt the urge to take off his top, but he decided for it his shoes, which he threw carelessly behind him.

“Is that your quiznaking Ernst Lance! Pick up your shoes again! ", Allura snapped at the paladin diagonally across from her, but he waved his hand loosely. What made the princess even angrier. But before she could say anything, Lance started to speak:" I still have it puked a simulator! "

"Och Lance!" Hunk grumbled and drank the alcohol just to refill the glass. When he put the bottle back down, Shiro reached for it: "I think that's enough-"

“Take your fingers off the bottle! Or I'll deliver you to the Galra! ", Allura threatened, jumped from her chair and stood up threateningly in front of the black paladin. The latter slowly removed his hand from the bottle before he underestimated the drunk princess and she acted on her threat implemented.

Slowly she sat down and nodded to Pidge: "It's your turn!"

After about three quarters of an hour there were three empty bottles, four shot glasses and Lance, who was only wearing his boxer shorts and Allura was yelling at all the time that he should kindly leave them on, otherwise she would put him naked in a cryopod. Pidge, on the other hand, got really perverted and maintained the opposite all the time, as he would like to see if anyone was in the mood for public sex.

Shiro had fetched a fourth bottle from the pantry and was crying in a corner. In between he was yelled at by the princess to pull himself together, he was a paladin of Voltrons.

That had led to catfights between Keith and Allura at one point or another, as the latter had snuggled up to the team leader and slurred the whole time that he would be better if he cuddled the red paladin, but in vain. Shiro had got a violent crying fit from Allura's roar. And Hunk didn't notice any of this, because at some point he just fell asleep.

"You're kidding us, Coran?", Lance mumbled and rubbed his temples, but the Altean shook his head. This gesture elicited a tortured groan from the Cuban. His head seemed to explode, at least it felt like it was He hadn't drunk that much, had he?

A loud choke from Keith answered his question. The orange-haired Altean was serious. Dead serious. They had given themselves the edge. And not just very easily, no, but right. And that without exception.The only one who was doing pretty well after that was Shiro, because he and Coran took care of the rest of the team.

"Did I miss anything?" Asked Allura, who came to the bridge with completely disheveled hair. As quickly as he could, her advisor was already standing in front of her: "Good morning Allura!" She screwed up her eyes when he yelled the morning greeting in her ear. Then the young Altean looked around. She raised her eyebrows and wrinkled her nose: “Oh Quiznak! What happened last night I can only remember this weird game ... And what smells so strong here? "

Keith lifted his head from the bucket: "Sorry ..." And let it sink again, only to vomit again afterwards. Allura grimaced in disgust and let her gaze wander from one paladin to the other.

Pidge hung, half dead, in his place. His hair was messed up and his glasses were upside down. He also had stains on his shirt, which probably came from the alcohol. The youngest looked like he was going to go back to sleep any moment.

So her gaze wandered from Pidge to Hunk, who had really fallen asleep again. His headband covered his eyes and his hair was messed up too. The pants of his pajamas hung at half past seven and the top was half drooled.

Then she looked at Keith and Shiro. Keith didn't do that well the morning after, but Shiro seemed to be in top shape. The red paladin hung over a bucket and vomited occasionally, with Shiro caressing his back. For once, the younger boy was not wearing his normal everyday clothes, but a too big t-shirt and his boxer shorts. The black paladin behind him wore what he usually wore.
The last thing she looked at was Lance. He still had his face mask stuck to his face in places. Inwardly, she wondered how he had even managed to apply this.
He too was still wearing his pajamas. His feet, which were covered by the lion's slippers, hung limply over the armrests of the seat. He also had boxer shorts on his head.

Maybe it would be better if she never found out about that night.

Oh ... that's the end result (including the three quarters of an hour ^^):

Keith: 7
Lance: 8
Pidge: 9
Hunk: 12
Shiro: 8
Allura: 5
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