Which situations do teachers have to report?

school closings : What are teachers now obliged to do?

The GDPR guidelines apply to services in which confidential data, i.e. personal data, is transmitted. This includes mail programs, but also WhatsApp or other messaging services. Many of these services transmit data via external servers, which are often not located in Germany. Teachers should ensure that the service of their choice uses end-to-end encryption.

“The data protection officers of the federal states largely reject the use of WhatsApp and other messenger services for business purposes or see them very critically. In some federal states, use is prohibited by administrative regulations, ”says Thomas Böhm. Although WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, students must not be forced to use this or a similar service.

Communication via school email addresses for teachers and school platforms is therefore recommended. "If no school communication channels are available, the use of other channels could be seen as necessary," says Thomas Böhm. "In case of doubt, school administrators and teachers should have this question clarified by the school inspectorate and the state's data protection officer."