What is the clustering principle in IOT

Machine Learning Research Center

What special role does machine learning and artificial intelligence play in the cognitive internet?

Artificial intelligence and cognitive systems today have to be so powerful that they can no longer be programmed, but have to learn from data. With machine learning, we use existing data and existing knowledge for flexible and self-improving intelligent systems.

Where does industry stand in this area and how can Fraunhofer support companies?

The importance of machine learning is clearly recognized in the economy, but in many areas there is a lack of suitable data on the one hand and the necessary specialists on the other. We help companies put together and implement the right combinations of data, processes and business models, and we train the next generation of data scientists in our data science training courses at Fraunhofer, on-site at the company or in interactive online training courses.

What are your long-term goals with the Center ML and its implications for the topic of ┬╗Cognitive Internet Technologies┬ź?

With the Center for Machine Learning, we want to establish so-called "Informed Machine Learning" on a broad basis - by this we mean approaches that not only learn from data, but also existing expert knowledge and models, as they are often available in business, to improve performance to be able to use. At the same time, we ensure the traceability and reliability of the results and create the conditions for trustworthy cognitive internet technologies.