How do synthetic urine sets work

How to keep urine warm (at body temperature) for drug tests

  • Note that this device can take up to an hour to heat up and raise the urine to the correct temperature range for a drug test.

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Overall, our number one urine belt pick with great reviews, the pee holder fits snugly around your waist and mimics urination while being absolutely undetectable. It's easy to use. It is a great PR product for both female and male users (when drug testing is violated). Here is a link to the official shop:

Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

This synthetic urine kit from Spectrum Labs was released to compete with the Incognito Belt. Compared to its competitor, Pro Belt is very affordable and still passes almost all drug tests.

This kit combines the well-known Quick Fix brand fake urine with its easy-to-use belt and bladder pouch. It works by dispensing the contents of the bag through a tube, which reduces the risk of detection.

  • When you purchase this urine holder, you are getting yourself a unisex belt with a 4 ounce pouch pre-filled with Quick Fix synthetic urine. The kit also has a pre-assembled temperature strip for easy reading.
  • The entire product is designed for ease of use. You put it around your waist and attach an air-activated pad to the urine bag.

You should only use your body temperature and the provided heating pad to warm up the contents

  • The manufacturer strongly advises against using the microwave oven for this device, as it can irreversibly damage the product.

Overall, it's a great synthetic urine belt. Definitely do it when you're short on cash or when you know the lab isn't overly thorough with testing. Below is the link to the official shop:

The urinator

The urinator kit is a state-of-the-art product in our roundup. It uses the latest technology to keep your sample looking fresh. The downside is that it comes at a cost. The special feature of this device is the self-heating mechanism.

  • The device uses an electronically controlled thermocouple that is powered by two 9V batteries to keep the sample in the correct temperature range for at least four hours.
  • The entire device is wrapped in a thermal blanket, which is supposed to absorb the heat but also prevent skin burns.

Unlike cheaper, single-use urination devices, the urinator is reusable and refillable, so you can use it multiple times for drug testing. It's very easy to use, but it does take some practice. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for proper use and storage of the device.

  • Another downside is that this device comes with TestClear urine powder, which is a decent product but doesn't have a near 100% track record like the Sub Solution and Quick Fix do.

We recommend using Urinator with one of the top synthetic urine brands (see listing). Here is a link to the official store:

Quick Fix Synthetic urine leg strap

The stash leg strap holder is a support strap that hugs the thigh and provides secure storage for a small fake pee bottle, and uses the heat of your body to warm the sample without the risk of overheating. This is a great option for unattended drug testing.

  • The strap comes without a container, but is designed for standard 2-ounce and 3-ounce synthetic urine bottles.
  • Pour your fake piss into a holster bottle and clip it to your thigh.
  • The strap sits flat on your leg and is secured with a Velcro fastener that prevents it from slipping.
  • Although the stash strap is designed to be as flat as possible, it is recommended that you wear loose fitting pants to avoid possible contours of the holster bottle.

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Here is a link to the official shop:

Stash undies

Stash Undies is a perfect clothing accessory that your clothing uses body heat to keep your urine bag and its contents warm for drug testing. They have a hidden place in a special front pocket that is quick and easy to access. This method can trick a supervised but unobserved urine test.

  • Stash undies look just like regular underwear.
  • The pocket is hidden and has no zippers or buttons, so you can easily reach your sample and take it out.
  • Not only can you keep your sample warm, but you can also stash your phone or cash, which is handy for heavily crowded areas.

Stash Undies is an excellent product that uses your body temperature to heat up and keep warm your sample for a drug test. They are designed like normal underwear and are very comfortable.

Passing a supervised drug test

Whenever you smuggle in a replacement urine, you need to keep it at body temperature to prevent the test from failing. The same rules apply to supervised tests; However, you may need to use additional tactics. As the name suggests, while you are filling Cup1, you will be monitored indirectly (or sometimes directly), which means you will have to simulate urination.

With a supervised drug test, it's always a good idea to do a detox when you have a few days to prepare. If your urine is clean, there is no need to replace it. However, if your drug test is tomorrow and you are using synthetic urine, then you need to make it look like artificial piss is coming from your body.

  • Women users have the best chance of success wearing a urine belt.

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These devices are empty, reusable medical grade vinyl pee pee bags that can be strapped around your waist. Most of these belts are part of a synthetic urine kit or can be purchased as a standalone product.

  • Simply fill it with synthetic urine of your choice and stick the supplied heat pad to one side of the container.
  • Press the other side of the bag against your skin as you wrap the bag around your waist.
  • In this way, your urine bag will be warmed up sufficiently. Just keep an eye on the temperature strip.

  • The best option for men is to use urination devices such as Monkey Dong.

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Monkey Dong is a urine belt, but instead of a plastic tube, this urination device has a realistic-looking artificial penis. The product includes a urination device, synthetic urine powder, temperature strips and heating pads.

  • Unfortunately, this brand's urine powder formula is out of date so we highly recommend using it with top brand synthetic urine like Quick Fix or Clear Choice.

Another great feature of this product is that it comes in six different skin tones so you can choose a fake penis to suit your skin tone. Monkey Dong is reusable, meaning you can clean and refill it with Monkey Shine. Here is a link to the official store:

Using clean human urine

While not recommended, you can use real clean human urine to pass a drug test. You can submit a sample created by your friend or relative as your own. However, there are certain things that you need to be aware of when using real human piss. You should begin by carefully collecting the sample.

  • The constituents of human piss are almost instantly out of balance. This is due to the bacterial effect.

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For this reason, make sure that your sample container is free from contaminants such as dust. Adding impurities only speeds up bacterial activity and your sample can go bad in a matter of hours. You will know when your sample has become cloudy or thread-like.

If you need to store the sample overnight, chill or freeze the sample immediately after collecting it. However, this makes it difficult to reheat the sample to the correct temperature.

Use a resealable bag or plastic container for overnight storage. Remember, human urine should not be refrozen after heating. Re-freezing the urine will affect the sample and increase the chance of getting caught.

  • You should avoid pill vials for freezing, storing, and heating urine, be it synthetic or real. Pill vials are not designed to hold items at a constant temperature2.

Freezing the sample in a glass container can cause cracks due to the expansion of the frozen sample. Glass is terrible at dealing with sudden changes in temperature, so you should avoid heating the sample, especially if it was previously frozen.


There are several ways to keep the piss warm for a drug exam. Some of the most recommended methods are the use of heating pads, chemical heat activators, or body heat. You can also use urine belts, leg straps, or specially designed underwear to keep your sample warm so you can pass piss drug tests.

You shouldn't use hand warmers or microwaves, whether it's synthetic or real human peeing. Keeping it in a pill vial or freezing it for future use can affect the otherwise clean sample. The best chance of success is with synthetic urine and various proven methods of keeping the piss warm for a drug test.

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