Why is CBD not prescribed by doctors

Getting Cannabis On Prescription - How Do I Tell The Doctor?

Getting cannabis on prescription in Germany - questions and answers

For which diseases is cannabis available on prescription?

Of course, the federal government has thought of legalizing cannabis on prescription. Of course, that wasn't that everyone can now legally get cannabis. On the contrary, the hurdles are of course still high. Medical cannabis is basically intended for people who have chronic illnesses and for whom other means do not really work or do not show the desired effect.

Who pays the cost of medical cannabis?

Depending on which health insurance company you are with, you then have to submit the relevant receipts to the health insurance company in order to have the costs for the cannabis reimbursed, or the pharmacy will take care of this itself with the health insurance companies. It can sometimes be really different, especially for privately insured people and people with statutory health insurance.

Which doctor is suitable for cannabis on prescription?

There are lists circulating on the Internet of doctors who are open to cannabis and if you want to use such information, because it often requires a long drive to other cities and even federal states, then it is best to call the practice and make an appointment. Of course, if you don't have the time, don't feel like it and are expecting some kind of help from your family doctor, then you should prepare carefully for the interview.

Should you admit drug use?

Yes, in any case: The doctor is subject to confidentiality and it makes sense to direct the conversation directly to hashish and marijuana without a major overture in the case of your illnesses and ailments. Of course, you have to present the problem accordingly and not appear like the typical stoner with dreadlocks and, best of all, the smell of grass in your hair, but serious, eager and open to dialogue. Medical professionals are vain people, and if we allow them the glory of the white coat, then many are ready to prescribe cannabis by prescription.