Which websites are in the Cheezeburger Network

Lolcats: With cat pictures to the web empire

It started with a photo of a fat cat and the saying "Can I Has Cheezburger?" About three years ago, Ben Huh, now 32, bought a blog with funny cat pictures. The "Lolcats" meme is now one of the most popular phenomena on the web. Along with the other blogs from Huh's network, the site attracted 16 million unique visitors in May, reports the New York Times.

Profitable from the start

The cat blog was originally started by two bloggers from Hawaii. Huh sensed potential for success in it and bought the site with the support of investors and a substantial chunk out of his own wallet. Since then, no additional capital has been needed, says the entrepreneur. Advertising and merchandising are expected to generate a seven-figure amount this year. The number of employees grew from two - Huh and his wife - to over 40. According to Huh, the company was profitable from day one.

53 blogs

The Cheezburger empire has now grown to 53 blogs. If Huh sees a new trend, a new website will be launched. In the Fail Blog, for example, particular stupidities are recorded in pictures and videos. There, I fixed it showing bad repairs. Probably the best-known trend - Lolcats - uploads cat pictures with grammatically and orthographically incorrect sayings. The Cheezburger Network would receive over 18,000 entries every day. However, not every blog is successful. 20 percent of all websites that are started would later be discontinued. An example of this is "Pandaganda," a blog with photos of angry and funny looking pandas.

Crazy fans

In addition to the blogs, t-shirts, calendars and other fan articles are now also sold. So far, five books have been published in which the best pictures from the blogs landed. Over 1,000 Lolcats fans attended a Cheezburger event recently. "People think we're crazy," jokes one participant, "but have you ever seen the Twilight fans?" (red)