Have you ever caught a cop lying?

Caught Lying: What To Do?

Honestly: We all lieeven if we seldom admit it. Often there are only small untruths in everyday life, hidden white lies that really don't harm anyone, but still trigger this uncomfortable feeling in most people. Hardly anyone is so ice cold that a lie comes out of their lips without their pulse rate increasing or their hands being a little sweaty. The bigger and more serious a lie, the bigger the stone that falls from your heart if it goes undetected. Unfortunately, the pride of having got away with his fairy tale also grows and the inhibition threshold for further lying stories decreases. But as the saying goes: Honesty lasts the longest and you will caught lying, the need for explanation is great. So you can maneuver yourself out of this precarious situation ...

Lies have short legs: how are lies recognized?

Even the most skilled liar must be afraid of being exposed - and most people do not belong to the category of the shrewd liar, who can hardly be upset and who manipulates his environment.

Just one a negligible proportion of all lies are malicious in nature and aims to consciously harm another. Much more often, one feels forced into one lie, no longer knows what else to do, or even wants to protect the feelings of the other person.

Nevertheless - and precisely because fortunately hardly anyone is a good liar - numerous lies come to light at some point. No matter how safe you feel and have prepared a seemingly watertight story, all of a sudden and without warning you are confronted with the truth: the other one knows. But from where?

  • You betrayed yourself. Hiding a lie is child's play? Not at all! Body language, facial expressions or gaze can be exposed in seconds. Once the poker face starts to crumble, the others usually put the rest together themselves.
  • Someone else exposed you. It may not even happen on purpose because the other person doesn't know about your story, but the lie can also be exposed by someone else. Perhaps a colleague asks you about the concert you were at, even though you told the boss that you would take care of your sick child.
  • Your story is crumbling. As the saying goes in every police series: The suspect has become entangled in contradictions. You can see it as a kind of compliment that your lies are not perfect, but of course this also increases the likelihood that you will be exposed and your beautiful lie about you will collapse.

What to do if you catch someone lying?

Not only can you be caught lying, often enough it is the other way around and you find that someone is talking to you not really taken with honesty Has. This is primarily annoying at first and makes you doubt on which other occasions and occasions your counterpart has flunked at you. After the initial frustration, the question arises: How do you want to deal with the lie and react to it?

The understandable impulse is to immediately go on a confrontational course and hit the other on the ears. However, this is primarily revenge, and not really the best course of action. That’s better First of all to reflect on the situation. What was lied about? What are the possible reasons? Was it a little white lie or a serious breach of trust?

So give yourself the time to relax a little and that to calm boiled spirits. At the same time, you can now really make an effort to sort out the situation - which can work in different ways.

The following applies: If you have caught someone telling a lie, you should do one One-to-one conversation search. It may sound appealing to ring the bell and expose the liar, but that doesn't help either. Avoid wild yelling and loud accusations. Usually, a liar will feel bad enough by the time you're caught out.

Offer one real exchange by allowing your counterpart to explain his or her motives - as long as he is interested. This doesn't necessarily make things any better, but it can help you understand better.

In the end, it is up to you to collect all your impressions, assess the situation and, from that, the To draw conclusions. The result can be anywhere between one Please don't lie to me in the future ... and the complete loss of confidence.

Caught lying: Tips on how to deal with the situation correctly

It is the situation that everyone wants to avoid. Even before a word has been said, you can tell by the posture and facial expressions of the other person that your own lie has been exposed. Usually the following sentence follows: Didn't you say that ... and immediately there is enormous pressure. How do you react when caught telling a lie? and is confronted with it directly? One would like to run away, but the other person expects an answer. These five tips can help:

  1. Don't get caught up in a web of lies

    It's an instinct that you should try to suppress: if caught lying, most will simply take refuge in more lies to cover up the first whisper. This doesn't get you anywhere, however, it just adds pressure and at some point makes it impossible to do the Overview of your own story of lies to keep.

    Breaks that invented house of cards eventually at some point - and this is inevitable sooner or later - the problems are even bigger and you will no longer know how to justify all the lies that build on each other.

  2. Stand by your lie

    For better or worse, you have no choice but to stand by your lie and make the best of the situation. Whoever breaks the soup ... The first step should in any case an apology be, a serious one that comes from the heart.

    Whether your boss at work, a friend, or a family member caught you lying, lies are always an option Signs of disrespect and also a lack of trust. In such a case, asking for forgiveness is not easy for everyone, because one is ashamed of one's own behavior, but it is an indispensable foundation stone for the further relationship, whether private or professional.

  3. Explain your behavior

    No, you shouldn't pull yourself out of the affair as eloquently as possible and hope that the matter will soon grow to be the cause. What is meant is a real explanation. What did you think of the lie? Why didn't you come out with the truth straight away? It is best to make it clear that your lie was not associated with malicious intent, but that you actually wanted to achieve something good, which unfortunately did not work out.

    Although this is Explanation is still a long way from justificationConfronting others with untruth, but it is an important start as you finally come out with the truth. Perhaps someone who has been lied to will be able to understand your point of view a little better afterwards.

  4. Make up for it if you can

    If your lie caused a problem or even damage, you should set things straight back as soon as possible. The same applies here: Take responsibility and show sincerity.

    Ask the person who lied to you how to make it right. So you can use the Disappointment and frustration with your lies diminish just a little, but at least show goodwill by repenting.

  5. Work on your reputation

    Once caught lying and already the credibility is gone. Unfortunately, the other direction is the difficult path, because once trust is lost it is difficult to restore and above all it takes time and your efforts to put your own reputation back in the right light. The top priority: don't lie again!

    You quickly get lost in the thought that the little lies won't be noticed anyway, but you shouldn't take that risk in the first place. Become your fellow man Particularly attentive to you be. A lie can be forgiven as a one-off slip, the behavior repeats itself, and in the long run the image is done away with.

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