How good is the Internshala summer training program

Internships: Is it possible to do a web development internship at a startup without having completed data structures or algorithms?

It is entirely possible. After my first year of college, I did my first internship in web application development at Lockheed Martin. Many small startups often hire experienced interns and teach them on the job. Other startups will outweigh the experience much more than large companies with rigid interview processes.

However, the best positions will be competitive. Competitors with similar experience as you, who also have knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms, will most likely get the job. This is because these courses are the foundation for solving serious problems that have limited memory or run time. Too much data in memory to process? Visitors bouncing around your website because some server APIs are taking too long to respond? It is likely that even the most basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms can use to help you.

You can still do an internship if you look closely, but I would recommend that you learn these concepts on your own. At the very least, you're well prepared for your classes, and there's a good chance you'll get a better internship. I had a friend who had no experience with these concepts, picked them up with some free online resources, and got a full-time job at one of the leading technology companies. Some good resources are the Coursera courses, tutorials from the best programmers, and the MIT video courses. Good luck.