What happened to Batman's buddy Robin

Batman v Superman - What happened to Robin?

What actually happened to Robin? One or the other will have asked himself this question after seeing his costume in Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder is now talking about it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice already has an impressive running time with its two and a half hours, but with the abundance of material to be told, there was still no room to provide all reference space for explanations. One of the moments that remained particularly unexplained was the one when Ben Affleck is in the Batcave, looking at Robin's costume, along with it "HA HA HA Joke's on you, Batman" was smeared. What exactly happened to Robin, however, remains in the dark. Now, in a conversation with IGN, Zack Snyder has revealed at least a little bit what this is all about:

In my mind, Robin died ten years ago while having an argument with a young Joker. So there was a fun backstory to play with. In my opinion, the point is that there have been losses and sacrifices. In a weird way, he sacrificed everything to be Batman. He doesn't really have a life outside of the batcave. I thought including Robin, a dead Robin, would help us understand that he's been through a bit.

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However, this does not reveal which Robin it was. In the course of the comics there were a total of five characters who slipped into the costumes of Batman's assistants. Most likely, however, it is Jason Todd, who was introduced to the comics in 1983 and ended a few years later in the A Death in the Family story at the hands of Joker. However, the home theater start of Batman v Superman may provide some information, because there will be an R-Rated Ultimate Edition that runs half an hour longer and contains scenes that had to be deleted due to the intended youth approval.

What's your theory about Robin in Batman v Superman?