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SZ: Did you never clash with him then?

Pacult: Of course we also had one or two arguments, especially in the two years when I was the head coach. It was always in the sense that he is the boss, the employer. But he also accepted my opinion. And despite everything, he always tried to help with his statements.

SZ: Can you remember a typical Wildmoser scene?

Pacult: I always remember how we climbed up in Meppen. We then sat next to each other on the bus, and just for fun I said to him: "Well, Präse, your plan that we will be promoted in three years did not work out completely. Now we are promoted in the first year." Then he hit me on the head and said: "You idiot." Of course he meant it nicely, it was just his typical way.

SZ: What does Wildmoser's death mean for 1860?

Pacult: This ends an important chapter in the club's history, even if it has not been at 1860 since 2004. This president will absolutely go down in the history of this association, he was an original, a doer. And he also represented a type that is becoming increasingly rare in Munich, he was a strong, baroque figure. He was beaten a lot, but many forget that Wildmoser also did a lot for the club.

SZ: The funeral service will take place next Wednesday at 3 p.m. in the forest cemetery - will you come?

Pacult: We still have the European Cup second leg against PFC Beroe Stara Zagora on Tuesday. After that I will of course come to Munich. That's important to me.

SZ: How much do you still follow the events of 1860?

Pacult: I'm interested in the lions, of course. The situation is not easy, there are a lot of problems in the club, but complaining does not help now. Good work has to be done now. I hope that Reiner Maurer brings calm as a coach.

SZ: You were also recently considered a candidate for coaching for 1860 after Ewald Lienen left. Do you rule out going to the lions again?

Pacult: There's no such thing as a "never" in football. Anything is possible in football.