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50 fantastic portfolios from designers and illustrators

Do you think design is a man's world? Think again Today we have 50 impressive portfolios of extremely talented female designers from all over the world.

Why all the girls?

For example, let's say you're a female designer looking to build an online portfolio and you want some inspiration from other female designers. Where would you look A recent poll by A List Beside over 26,000 web designers found that almost 83% were male. This becomes apparent when you scroll through the plethora of portfolio rounds on design blogs, all of which are usually all by men! This post is meant to serve as inspiration for all women looking to make a name in this industry.

The portfolios below absolutely impressed me in terms of the talent on display. One recurring theme that just cannot be ignored is the number of women designers who are extremely talented illustrators. I'm not sure if girls are more artistic or not, but that ratio seems to be much lower for men.

It doesn't stop though, but you will see a strong level of performance in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, design theory, and any other relevant web design skill. Man or woman, this post should inspire you to be a better designer.

The portfolios

Winnie Ho

Hi, my name is Winnie and this is my side. I live in Edmonton. I was born in Hong Kong. I love online games and creating web apps. I'm happiest playing games, designing, or building something that didn't exist before.?

Tanja Merone

? I am a graphic designer based in New York specializing in user interface design and development. I build clean, attractive and functional interfaces that meet the latest web standards. But that's only part of it. Design is my life. It's my five star spa. It's my roller coaster ride. It's something I do before bed and something I can't wait for in the morning. Without them my world would be black and white.?

Meagan Fisher

Grew up in Florida, a new New Yorker from Boston. When I'm not making websites, I try to write and talk about website building.?

Veerle Pieters

I am a graphic / web designer and I live in Belgium. My personal diary reflects my travels through design, the internet and life and I am sharing them with you here.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a writer, illustrator, and designer based in Brooklyn. You may already be familiar with or with one of her side projects like Daily Drop Cap? Should I work for free? Flow chart. If not, I look forward to getting to know you!

Sarah Parmenter

Sarah lives in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, about 40 minutes outside of London with her husband and their small dog, Alfie. Sarah was put in front of an Atari by her father at the age of 3 and always knew that her career would somehow involve a computer. At the age of 14, Sarah began to work in web design. At 19, she decided to pursue this as her full-time career and started her studio 'You Know Who' and hasn't looked back since. Now, 27, Sarah has been fortunate to work with some great colleagues and colleagues over the years, and even happier to call some of them good friends.

Tanya Maifat

I am a freelance designer and digital / game artist. I like designing game graphics, icons, teasers, and tiny beautiful and smart illustrations for your websites and other projects.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

? I grew up in Speicher (AR), Switzerland, influenced by renowned Swiss design and lots of fresh mountain air. After studying design in Geneva and Munich, I crossed the Atlantic in 1999 and started designing in New York. Since then I have worked in various well-known New York design firms, including Thinkmap, where I was the Design Director and helped design the award-winning Visual Thesaurus. I now run my own studio, swissmiss, with current clients such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Food Network. My aesthetic shows my Swiss roots - I firmly believe in white surfaces and clear, elegant design.?

Jina Bolton

Jina is User Experience Designer at Engine Yard. She previously worked as a visual interaction designer and front-end web developer for super-wheel companies like Crush + Lovely and Apple, Inc. She likes creating beautiful experiences, and then she writes and talks about it.

Shyama Golden

I'm basically a one-woman shop for art and design, though I employ some brilliant interface designers and developers on occasion. As a kid, I learned how to write code because I thought that one day this internet thing would help me share my art with nice people all over the world.?

Hillary Hopper

I am creative. I can never stop creating anything. There is always an idea, a new image or a business idea that crosses my mind. I can't help but see a picture before I see words in it. The color and the beauty around me attract me. Art and design have always fascinated me. When I was growing up, I was constantly in my sketchbook or on the dining table some craft.

Allison House

My background in user interface design is highlighted by a multidisciplinary skillset that includes visual design, UX methods, content strategy, and project management. The result is beautiful, well-planned websites that are intuitive, engaging, and compelling.

Natalie Nash

My name is Natalie Nash, but I also have my pseudonym Pinky von Pout. I am 29 years old and I am a graphic designer. I have been married for 5 years and live in a small Welsh town with my husband, Jeremy and our three terriers: Sam, Jake and Tim.

Janna Hagan

My name is Janna Hagan and I am a 19 year old web designer originally from the beautiful province of Alberta. I am currently in my sophomore year in Web Design & Development at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. I am a hard working person with great attention to detail. I enjoy new and challenging projects that will motivate me to learn more in the great area of ​​web design. During my studies, I acquired great time management skills that allow me to work on multiple projects at the same time.?

Allison Nold

? As a professional graphic and web designer, I bring a range of art and design disciplines to every project I work on. From branding strategy and user interface design to creative writing and front-end development, my work is testament to the appreciation of full branding experiences.

Iris Sousa

I offer UI design and products for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and chalk writer based in Brooklyn, New York.
You currently work at Louise Fili Ltd.?

Naomi Atkinson

An English designer and illustrator who loves the internet.

Claire Coullon

As a freelance graphic designer specializing in typography, I mainly work with logo design, custom and hand drawn lettering, and expressive typography. I also love print-related work, especially book design and writing. I'm from France and currently live in Prague, Czech Republic. I co-run the Op45 Creative Design Agency.

Adelle Charles

As a designer and entrepreneur, Adelle Charles is currently Chief Creative Officer at Fuel Brand Inc., where she oversees the overall creative and strategic direction of the company. She's a well-known Twitter addict with a geeky love for typography and Starbucks. Charles holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from RIT and has received various awards for her previous work on television.

Erica Schoonmaker

I am a graphic designer and a native of New York currently living in San Francisco, California. I love paper and books as much as I love the internet and I enjoy designing all kinds of projects on web and print media.?

Samantha Warren

I love to combine intelligent concepts with creative, standards-based, barrier-free web design. I know that listening, understanding business and user experience goals, and adhering to standards are keys to a well-executed online design.?

Lindsay Burtner

I am a 2009 alumni of the Rochester Institute of Technology New Media Design & Imaging. I worked at MODE in Charlotte, NC as an Interactive Designer / Developer.

Heath Waller

? I discovered my passion for web design by accident. The experience teaching myself in this area has been challenging and extremely rewarding. I am waking up to the fact that I can keep growing in this rapidly evolving industry.?

Larissa Meek

? I have over 9 years of experience designing for the web and consider myself a standard enthusiast with a passion for visual design. I am familiar with design trends and usability, and I am proficient in CSS and HTML. As an ACD at AgencyNet, I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of different brands including Fuse, Oxygen Networks, Bacardi, Ruby Tuesday, iN Demand, Howard Stern, Warner Brothers, and many more.?

Sara White

Sara is twenty-four years old and lives in the rainy but beautiful city of Victoria, Canada. She has a degree in business administration but chose to ignore the corporate world and instead pursue her passion, design. She is currently Creative Director at MetaLab and enjoys spending her free time in the kitchen, doing interior design and occasionally taking photos.

Geri Coady

I'm Geri Coady - a designer, illustrator, and photographer based in St. John's, Newfoundland, the oldest and easternmost city in North America. Art, illustration, web design, graphic design, photography, typography, printing, advertising - how can I choose just one? My great interest means that I will never get bored - just the way I like it. I am currently working as a senior designer at a local advertising agency where every day brings a new challenge.

Denise Chandler

Hi, my name is Denise and I specialize in designing and building websites for small business and personal use.

Meg Hunt

?Hello! My name is Meg. I am an avowed all-rounder, but currently work as an illustrator. My goal is to fill the world with my creations and make people happy in the process. I want to discover and try something new. my goal is to branch out into the editorial and lively breathing world in which we live. One day I want to illustrate gift cards, children's books and stationery, as well as textiles and packaging and much more. What are you saying??

Laura Kalbag

I'm Laura Kalbag and I design websites. Sometimes I design for other digital media and for printing too, but I find web design stimulating and exciting and I keep going for hours.

Inayaili de Le? N

?Hello! My name is Inayaili de Le? N and I am a web designer. That said, I make websites beautiful and easy to use - I can make a lot of amorphous content clean and easy to understand. I also take great pleasure in programming myself and other people's designs to work online.

Beth Dean

I'm a user experience designer specializing in billing and payments for transactional websites and mobile design.

Sneh Roy

I am Sneh. I design. I am the co-founder of LBOI, a design studio in Sydney, Australia. I love creating logos and crazy characters the most. I also design and develop websites, create original content for the web, blog about design here on LBOI and about food in Gel's Kitchen, I also write design related articles for other websites and blogs.

Kelli Anderson

?Hello. I am an artist / designer and hobbyist and I am always experimenting with new means of creating images and experiences. I draw, photograph, cut, print, code and design various designed things for myself and others. ?

Andrea Garza

Sarah Kaiser

I am currently in my fourth year in New Media Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm into design, illustration, 3D, and motion, and I also have some skills in development, printing, and web.

Amber vineyard

Specialized in the development of HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress using valid and semantic coding methods.
I also make apps for fun and write a blog.

Valerie Jar

I am a 24 year old designer / illustrator based in Salt Lake City. I am currently working at StruckAxiom. I'm inspired by art deco, vintage signs, hand lettering, tattoo art, and people. Art and bikes are two of my favorite things. I love the hidden symbolism and meaning behind common objects and everyday things, and often this fascination plays a role in my design and illustration.?

Megan Kirby

? Art director and graphic designer specializing in developing luxury brands with multidisciplinary experience that refine the brand story with illustration, print and interactive design.?

Erika Van Der Bent

Erika van der Bent, freelance designer for online / digital media, 27 years old.
Born and raised in the Netherlands. When I was 12 I started exploring the world of web design and I felt in love. Over the years I have worked for and with various web design companies.
A nice interface makes me happy!?

Susan Murphy

Once upon a time there was a freckly Irish woman named Sue. She studied Visual Communications in Dublin, is currently studying a Masters in the USA and will soon be moving to the Netherlands. Never defined by a place or a thing, she always tries to be a master of all trades, an all-rounder. ?

Dever Thomas

Dever Thomas is an aspiring graphic designer, illustrator, creative, and graduate from Indiana University.

Melissa Pohl

? Like many designers, I grew up with a passion for drawing and all kinds of artistic pursuits. After high school, that love of creation took me in different directions including tattoo artist, hairdresser, and painter. However, once I was introduced to the world of digital graphics, I fell in love.?

Laura Javier

I have one foot in the world of printing, one foot in the world of pixels, and a love for both. I'm doing this spring with a degree in communication design, humor, and a mission to find some great people to work with.?

Emma Taylor

A creative freelance web and graphic designer based on the sunny island of Cyprus. With an ultimate passion for website design and development, branding and promotional materials. We focus on designing simple, clean and attractive websites that are fully in line with today's web standards for wonderful customers around the world.

Christina Fowler

?Who is she? She is the descendant of generations of magic designers (since 2008). And she is not an ordinary woman. She is girlish. Full of personality. A good communicator. And more.?

Abigail (Ruby Too)

I work full time in 'Ye Olde Web Towne' at Harmonix. I do visual design, but I spend most of my life in CSS & HTML (and learning JavaScript). I can work with some of the most talented and fun people I have ever met. I love my job.?

Ciara Panacchia

My name is Ciara (pronounced Kee-rah). I come from a small town in Ireland called Carlow, but found a place that made me feel at home in the US when I moved to Illinois in 2005. I've been a dedicated design student since 1998. I don't think you'll stop learning.?

Heather Grossman

? I've been a web designer for over a decade. I've learned a lot about web design since I started in this industry. The insights have helped me develop processes that will benefit everyone involved in the projects I am working on.?

Susie Ghahremani

Susie Ghahremani graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2002 with a BFA in Illustration. Her works of art combine her love for nature, animals, music and patterns. Born and raised in Chicago, Susie enjoys spending her time painting, drawing, crafting, and grooming her pet finches and cats in San Diego, CA. ?

Melissa Washin

I am a designer and developer who creates websites and creates print materials for small businesses and agencies.

Aubrey Klein

Hi, I'm Aubrey, a graphic designer living in Dallas, TX. I specialize in web, illustration, tweeting, and things.

Bianca lack

My name is Bianca and I am a screen and web designer from Frankfurt (Germany).I love design in all its forms and can't get enough inspiration.?

Courtney Joy

I currently work full time for a creative company in Dallas called Vintage 56. We provide graphic design, audio, video production and web development services. My role as a graphic designer includes trademarks / logos, business cards, stationery, brochures, occasional web user interfaces, product packaging, and keynote presentations.

Show us yours!

This post doesn't even scratch the surface of extremely talented women in the design industry. If you are one of them leave a comment with a link to your portfolio so we can look into it!