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Italy is one of the most varied countries in Europe and has numerous highlights to offer. Be it a relaxing beach holiday or an exciting city trip - everyone gets their money's worth in Italy. In addition to the well-known vacation spots, there are also a few insider tips that I want to suggest to you in my article today. If you already know Italian classics like Rome, Milan and Florence, it's time to discover a few new pearls.

Italy insider tips - 7 places for your bucket list

Polignano a Mare | Riviera del Conero | Matera | Cremona

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Polignano a Mare, Apulia

Polignano a Mare in the southern Italian region of Apulia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. The spectacular location on a rock, the whitewashed houses and the numerous caves make Polignano a Mare a magical place. Whoever goes on vacation here feels like in paradise. Although the small coastal town looks so idyllic, there is also action here.

An enchanting coastal town

Polignano a Mare has already hosted Red Bull Cliff Diving several times. Twelve of the world's best cliff divers jump from a platform at a height of 24 meters into the Adriatic. The absolute highlight of the city, however, is the grandiose one Grotta Palazzese, a cave restaurant overlooking the sea. The spectacular restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening for two and attracts many visitors between May and October.

Riviera del Conero, Marche

The Riviera del Conero in the Italian region of Marche is probably only known to a few of you. The stretch of coast has a lot to offer: impressive landscapes, interesting sights and beautiful bays can be found here in abundance. The region in the middle of Italy is a real insider tip and should definitely be on your bucket list when you next visit Italy.

Dreamlike natural landscapes

Discover the impressive nature park, charming little villages and many dream beaches that invite you to linger. My personal insider tip is this Portonovo Bay, which is located in the middle of the nature reserve and offers a breathtaking backdrop. The "green bay" is surrounded by a lush green landscape and houses a real picture-perfect beach with crystal clear water. In the nearby restaurants you can try traditional dishes such as moscioli and brodetto. They are also worth seeing Piazzanova Gardens by Osimo, where you can enjoy the great view of the coast and the Sibillini Mountains.

Matera, Basilicata

The Lucanian city of Matera is currently one of the top insider tips in Italy and attracts with an almost mystical atmosphere. This is mainly due to the ancient cave settlements, the so-called Sassi di Materathat give the city its original charm. The unique cave settlements are part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage and provide a great look into the past.

Visit the unique Sassi di Matera

Until the 1950s, these caves actually served as a place of residence for the locals - today they function as a popular tourist attraction and are certainly one of the reasons why Matera was named European Capital of Culture 2019. The city is considered a special example of a system of life in which the resources of nature are used without burdening them. The Sassi should therefore be preserved for as long as possible and handed down to the descendants. Definitely one of the secret highlights of Italy!

Cremona, Lombardy

Numerous artistic and historical highlights await you in the Lombardy province of Cremona. Discover medieval buildings, churches, squares, villas and castles in beautiful river areas. But the landscape is also absolutely impressive: Cremona is located in the heart of the Po Valley and is surrounded by numerous bodies of water. The province also includes vast forests and large meadows that invite you to hike and linger.

The birthplace of Stradivarius

The place owes its fame above all to the violin maker Stradivari, who was born here. That's why you should definitely do that too Stradivari Museum Pay a visit which houses a rich collection of tools and artifacts from the violin maker's workshop. Another must-see is the city's landmark: the 112 meter high one Brick tower Torrazzowhich offers a great view of the area!

Pontine Islands, Lazio

Only a few kilometers from the coast of Lazio you will find the enchanting Pontine Islands, which are probably known only to a few of you. The six islands of Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Ponza beckon with their incredible beauty. Each of the islands offers untouched nature and romantic bays that are second to none.

Deserted bays and unspoiled nature

Here you can actually sunbathe on deserted beaches and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you long for a vacation off the beaten track, the Pontine Islands are the destination for you. While some of the islands are uninhabited, it offers Ponza a good tourist infrastructure. Here you will find some smaller hotels, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. The Pontine Islands are a great alternative to more famous Italian vacation spots such as Sicily or Sardinia.

Chioggia, Veneto

Colorful houses, magical alleys and picturesque canals - all this and much more awaits you in Chioggia. The small fishing town in the Veneto region enchants with a special charm and at first glance reminds you of Venice. This is no coincidence either, because Chioggia is located at the southern end of the popular lagoon city and is often referred to as "Little Venice".

Venice's little sister

As in Venice, there are also many romantic bridges, narrow canals and cute little cafes. The big difference, however, is that there are hardly any tourists here, which makes a discovery tour much more pleasant. Stroll the Corso del Popolo along, visit the fish market in the Pescheria and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere - Chioggia is guaranteed to cast its spell over you!

Pistoia, Tuscany

If the famous tourist cities of Pisa and Florence are too hectic for you, you can simply switch to Pistoia. The small town in Tuscany is at least as beautiful as its famous neighbors and is also visually reminiscent of Florence. Admire buildings from the Romantic and Gothic periods, stroll through the lively market district and discover impressive city castles - Pistoia has many cultural highlights to offer.

A real insider tip in Tuscany

The center of the city center is the cathedral square with the Romanesque one Cattedrale di San Zeno from the 13th century. The special thing about the cathedral is the multi-storey bell tower, which was built over several years. In Pistoia there are not only great sights and beautiful places - nature lovers will also get their money's worth. Due to its location at the foot of the Apennines, the city offers great opportunities for hiking and mountain biking. In winter you can even go skiing in the region.

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As you can see, there are quite a few hidden pearls in Italy that are just waiting to be discovered by you! If you now feel like going on vacation in Bella Italia, just browse through my current offers. By the way, in my travel magazine you will find many more interesting Italy tips!

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