What is SHIFT

Keyboard Explanation: Where are Shift, Caps Lock, and Spacebar?

1Esc (Escape)EscapeIs sometimes used in video games as a pause or menu button in video games2TabTabWith "Tab + Alt" you can get an overview of your open windows.3Caps Lockcaps LockHolding down the Caps Lock key is like holding down the Shift key. Most keyboards also have a small light on the top right.4Shift keyShiftThis key can be used to write capital letters, for example.5Ctrl (control)Ctrl (Control)You need the control keys to make combinations like "Ctrl + C" (copy) or "Ctrl + V (paste)6Win (Windows key)Windows KeyWith the Windows key you can open the start menu and you can also open Windows Explorer (Win + R)7Old (alternative)Column 3 Value 7You need the Alt key for special characters and can switch between programs (Alt + Tab) or close a program (Alt + F4)8Space barSpaceUse the space bar to make spaces. In video games like Minecraft, that's the jump button9AltGr (Alt Graph)AltGr (alternate graphic)With this key you can use the keyboard layout and e.g. write an @ sign or a € sign.10Fn (function)Fn (function)With the Fn key you can call up all kinds of functions, such as a flip-up knob (Fn + F4) or the search Google Search (Fn + F3).11Enter / EnterreturnWith the input or the Enter key you often confirm entries or make a line break in a text program12Del (remove)Del (Delete)With the Del key you delete the letter in front of the cursor13BackspaceBackspaceUse the backspace key to delete the letter behind the cursor14printPrintWith the print button you can take a picture of the current screen.